Covetable – Falke Step Invisible Cotton-Blend Socks

FalkeAs the weather at least threatens to get better, men turn to the trickiest of propositions; the Summer Wardrobe. 

Most menswear obsessives and dandies love autumn and spring for layering and, well, more clothes, but summer can pose many problems, as the inevitable first flood of sunburnt gents in mid-length white nylon trousers, sleeveless t-shirts, towelling socks and off-coloured kicks can testify. 

Here at StyleDen we’ve got your back. And your feet. While not all of us may want to convince colleagues, family and strangers that we summer on Lake Como or the Hamptons, there are certain basics which can make life better.

These amazing Falke socks are just that; they look like you don’t have socks on, while not stinking out your shoes and feet in the process, thus having to leave your shoes outside, or bin them after a week. 

They have clever sticky bits on the heel which means they stay on, are super comfy, incredibly well made and last for ages. I speak from personal experience, not that my feet would ever smell, of course.

I had threatened a year or so ago with my beloved editor to write about these, but it seems entirely politic now. My statement at the time that they may represent the pinnacle of mans’ achievement may be hyperbolic on reflection. But only just. 

Falke Step Invisible Cotton-Blend Socks, £8 available at

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