The Crowther/ Plant ‘Deep’ sweatshirt seems apt in a number of ways to showcase the great things they’re doing in menswear. 

I must confess that I came across the brand through an old friend who has been raving about them, and rightly so. 

Based in Margate, Crowther/ Plant show exactly the vision and attention to detail which sets great brands aside from the mediocre. Inspired by the resurgence of their home, Margate, and the beauty of the elements, their passion for exceptional design is matched by an intrinsic commitment to sustainability which will surely become the norm.  

‘Deep’ reflects not just their vision, and the sea which inspires them, but also the process of making their garments, as each 100% organic cotton garment is put through a tidal cycle to embody it with the spirit of the ocean before being rinsed and dried to find its natural fit.

With Crowther/ Plant the passion and process are intrinsic parts of every item. The fact that their range of sweats, Ts, hoods and sweatpants are understated classics makes them all the more Covetable to us. 

Crowther/Plant ‘Deep’ Sweatshirt is priced at £125 from

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