Covetable – Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 Headpones

B&WHere at Covetable we are enormous fans of exceptional design and function. The C5 headphones from Bowers & Wilkins tick those boxes in the best way possible.

The firm itself were founded in 1966 in Sussex, and since then have created a remarkable, unique history creating the finest speakers and headphones possible. 

That unerring commitment to the exceptional runs through all of their products, and the C5 is another perfect example of their dedication to innovation. 

Unlike some of the flashier headphone options on the market, the sleek, understated but stunning design of the C5 hides an absurd level of precision engineering. This means all manner of tech, including a new drive unit and microscopic steel balls which act as a sonic diffuser- simply put they make sound more spacious and nuanced, and have the added bonus of looking amazing. 

Add iPhone compatible controls, an adjustable loop which keeps the headphone snug and soft in your ear with effortless comfort, and you have state-of-the art natural acoustics on the go.

In our constant quest to make life that little bit better, the Bower & Wilkins C5 makes the day-to-day sound more inspirational than ever before, leaving them perfect for gym, running, and commute alike; a touch of luxury that does its job outstandingly well. 

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 Headpones, £149.99

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