Classy fashion items A Modern Man Must Have

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Imagine what ladies think of while describing their dream guy! What do you think they envision? A suit and tie, clean shoes, or perhaps a beard? Well, truth be told, if all women in the world were asked to describe their perfect guy, we would be left with million-plus descriptions to go through. And that is why we are taking a different approach to the whole matter focusing on the top fashion items every modern guy should and must have.

Now, you must be wondering what we are referring to. So, if you would like to find out what makes a modern man classy, read on, it will be worth your while for sure.

A classy sharp blazer

Heading for a date or maybe the office party, then a Givenchy man black piercing blazer would be the perfect pick. It goes with all pieces of clothing any guy has, whether it is jeans or shorts. The blazer must, however, be fit for your build for a clean look. Anything baggy or too small will look shoddy, and who would want to appear so?

Comfortable footwear

The second item on our list is comfortable footwear. Well, this ranges from sporty shoes that you can wear to the gym or for a run to the low heeled boots that can be your go-to for a date or work. The fit and comfort of the shoe must be prioritised, or you will end up walking weirdly. You would think that the more the better, but you are mistaken. A few pairs fit for several occasions is more than ideal. A pair or two for work, the gym, a date, and for the beach is enough. Mix it up with hightops, low-tops, boots, and even sandals for the beach.

Bermuda shorts

For a leisurely Sunday afternoon, chilling with the boys or heading for a basketball game, Bermuda shorts would be perfect. The comfort and practicality of this simple piece of clothing is unmatched. So much so, every modern man must-have Bermuda shorts as part of their closet.


While still on the line of comfortability, sweatsuits, including sweatpants and sweatshirts, must be part of your wardrobe. The versatility of these pieces of apparel is unmatched. You can wear them for a polite drink out with the boys, for a chilled walk and the loose fitted ones could be your gym clothes. In this same category, there are also hoodies, jumpers, and windbreakers. All of which every classic modern guy must-have.

Take away

Well, see, it was worth it. With guys, it does not take much for them to turn heads. The right piece of clothing or accessory will make a bold statement without even breaking a sweat. Fashion is extensive, but it is a guarantee that if you have these named items in your closet, you must be one trendy guy. Perhaps you have even already caught the attention of one special lady in your black Givenchy blazer! You never know. If not, waste no time and update your closet today.

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