The Best Vintage Eras To Bring Back Into Style Now

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Over the past century, fashion has somewhat changed…a lot, and through that time we’ve had some questionable fashion trends that have been swung our way. From padded shoulders in the 80s through to almost every fashion trend that was around in the noughties, it was a dark time.

However, for every bad trend that has come our way over the years, there are some that have fallen out of style too soon and deserve a second chance to be brought back. With vintage fashion on the rise and all of us looking to make our out of lockdown fashion statement, here are a few vintage fashion eras that need to be brought back into style.

Mod Fashion-1960s

When we start looking at the way fashion is today it is easy to see how Mod fashion helped influence it and help it get here. Although Mod fashion originated in the late 50s it truly had its time to shine throughout the 60s and was a true staple for the time it was in.

Mod comes from the word Modernist, that’s exactly what Mod fashion represented, it was smart and clean-cut yet bold and colourful, and the best part was it was hardly limited so allowed people to put their own spin on it and truly make it their own. Mod fashion is one that definitely needs a comeback and with some amazing vintage clothes online you are spoiled for choice on your Mod fashion needs.


Flappers were a decade-defining style, much like Mod it was a piece of fashion that was perfectly suited for the time it was placed, as women pushed for civil right so did they with their fashion. Flapper originated as a derogatory term as women began to favour shorter skirts and more shiny clothing, but women took the term and turned it on its head as now it is everything we remember from a decade of partying and celebration, I mean there’s a reason we all love a good gatsby party.

Now as we enter our own 20s, after what can only be described as a rocky start what we all need is a piece of fashion that perfectly resembles the inevitable time for partying and celebration that is so desperately needed to make up for lost time.

Hollywood Glamour-1950s

Hollywood glamour is something that began in the early 30s when films were becoming a bigger trend and more accessible to all but in the 50s when we began to get films in colour and see our favourite Hollywood stars on the silver screen in all their colourful glory meant the fashion blew up.

From backless dresses to boa feather scarves, the Hollywood glamour scene is something that is still very much with us today and was the inspiration for our current day cocktail dresses. It is that perfect combination between fancy and fun and as we head out of lockdown i think it is safe to say we are all looking for an excuse to get dressed up (this is your excuse now) and have as much fun as our Hollywood stars did back in the 50s.

Retro And Disco-1980s

Right just listen, it was now 40 years ago so the time has come for us all to accept the 80s as something that is vintage but what a time for fashion it was. The 80s has never truly left our style but has been arguably washed down since.

Despite that, over the past few years, the emergence of neon and 80s big and bright fashion colours have started to remerge and grown a following. The 80s fashion symbolises clubs and disco, it was one of few era marking fashion trends that were made for the purpose of fun and to enjoy a good party in. As everyone knows all these things feel a bit lost over the past year so what better way to bring clubs and fun back than with the clothes made to mark that occasion, so get those neon leggings on and get to the nearest club you can when they open.

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