How to Change Up Your Style This Year

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Do you ever look through your wardrobe and find you have nothing to wear? This is a habit that many of us have but then do nothing about. We often change our minds about things, we find new foods we like, and we change music styles, therefore you should not need to feel guilty if you think it is time to change your style. We get bored of clothes, it is part of life and if you sell them on or give them to a thrift shop to make good use of them, then you can begin rebuilding your wardrobe and changing your style, guilt-free.

Find Your New Look

As we age, our style naturally changes to address new changes in our lives. For instance, you may have gotten an office job where you now wear more formal clothes than you did five years ago. As your life changes, so does your look to go with it, depending on your occupation or family life and preferences. You may find you sway to a certain style of clothing or just pick out signature pieces that you can mix and match with new and old clothes alike.

Find Your Style

Once you have chosen a new look, then it’s time to make your style your own. This may mean you choose to wear a certain designer, statement accessories, handbags or shoes to jazz up your usual look. This totally depends on the money you have available and what you are into. Treating yourself to a designer label is a great way to add some style to your outfits. You may want to choose a few key pieces from your favorite fashion designer’s collection, or find a new designer that matches your new-found look. SSENSE have a range of clothing from many of the most famous and well-known designers such as Alexandra McQueen, as well as some that are up and coming in the fashion scene.

Get Your Signature Pieces

You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to change your style. The best way to do so is find around 10 signature pieces that you can style in a variety of ways with different counterparts that you may already have in your wardrobe. You may even find this spruces up some of the old clothes you don’t wear anymore. This can make your life a lot simpler and ensures you don’t go overboard if you are a bit of a clothes hoarder. Therefore, it sometimes may be worth purchasing higher quality, interchangeable items rather than more inexpensive items that may get worn out.

Colour Matching

Finding the color that works well with your skin tone and hair color is extremely important to guarantee that each outfit you wear, slays. It is incredible how the right shade for you can make such a big difference to how you look in an outfit, and this will make you feel more confident and happy with your style. If you often change your hair color, this can be another factor to consider, as different hair colors go better with different clothes. If you want some advice on what works well with your skin and hair tone, check out this guide by StyleCaster.

Choose Some Accessories

Again, if you go with a designer for your statement pieces, it may be that you want to pick some accessories from their range. As these can cost a significant amount of money, you need to choose something you like and that will go with a variety of your outfits. A handbag, backpack or man bag is usually the way to go when buying designer. Accessories can go a long way in bringing an outfit together, whether this be a belt, earrings or a scarf. If you tend to wear a lot of black or dark colors, you can easily break this up and give your outfit more life with a bright belt or fashion scarf.

Hair and Makeup

When changing your wardrobe, you may come to a point where you want a transformation in makeup or hair style. If you are thinking of finding a new makeup routine or want to find what colors best match your skin, head down to a beauty counter and ask for advice. You can usually get a makeover there, where you can tell them how you usually wear your makeup and what you want to change. If you want a different hairstyle but don’t want to cut or dye it, here are a few ways you can change up your look.

If it has come to the point where you need a fashion makeover from head to toe, then get out there and do it! Wearing clothes that you love to wear and that suit your style and body can make you look and feel a million dollars.

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