Grace Woodward Style Guide for New Mums

StyleNest team up with celebrity stylist, Grace Woodward to bring you some styling top tips for new mums.

Teaming up with mum’s best friend Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure, Grace Woodward shows us how to rework your wardrobe to make it new-mum ready as well as being kind to your skin.

Tip 1. The crossover top with patterned trousers

Great for: breastfeeding – and mixing up the legging-or-maternity-jean-only rule.

Grace’s tip: a cross over top is incredibly chic but also brilliant for breastfeeding – what’s more it offers an alternative to shirts, which are the normal go-to in the first few months. Maternity jeans can also get a bit monotonous after 10 months; so pair this with patterned leggings, which look great with converse or ballet flats and will give you a whole glam new look.

Patterned Trousers

Tip 2. The patterned scarf

Great for: your go-to, easy to wear accessory

Grace’s tip: although you may think that block colours will ensure all eyes are on you, they are actually fantastically complementary. Pair with a patterned scarf for a chic look that will hide stains (which are bound to end up around your neck just as you leave the house…)

Grace Woodward Tips

Tip 3. The silk wrap dress

Great for: glamour and comfort all in one

Grace’s tip: silky fabrics are great when your skin feels delicate and sensitive and should be the perfect treat item for your new wardrobe. Pick a patterned dress to hide any bumps or spills and choose a wrap style for ease of breastfeeding.

Grace Woodward Tips

Tip 4. The structured mac 

Great for: walks in the park and the definitive pram glam

Grace’s tip: coats with a tailored shoulder and slim sleeves are an easy win for a chic daytime look. They are very flattering, giving your shape structure and highlighting your best bits. Pair with your favourite jeans for an effortlessly smart but casual outfit.

Grace Woodward Tips

Tip 5. The patterned top

Great for: hiding baby sick and spillages

Grace’s tip: rather than wearing the same old comfy pyjamas around the house, pop on a patterned top with jeans for an instant fashion boost. Wear over a breast feeding vest to easily pop your baby underneath for a feed – and what’s more the loose fabrics will make you feel really comfortable whilst hiding a multitude of mishaps, including baby sick and stains.

Grace Woodward Tips

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