Giesswein Merino Wool Trainers

Combining sustainability and high-quality components, not to mention seriously sleek style points, I recently discovered Austrian brand Giesswein.

With a comprehensive range covering women’s, men’s and kids, you’ll find everything from slippers, trainers and shoes to beanie hats and sports clothing. A regular gym-goer I was keen to try the Merino Wool Runners (£119). Available in a wide selection of colours, this includes marble, black, night grey, honey, orchid, jeans, petrol and lavender.

Plumping for night grey, I love the stylish marl finish offset against a black sole. Complete with both black and grey laces (depending on which you fancy wearing), these trainers are nothing short of supremely comfortable. Comprising 100% merino wool alongside the unique Giesswein 3D stretch technology, they are both lightweight and resilient shoes. Flexible and intuitive, I’ve enjoyed wearing the runners for weight training, time on the treadmill and for long dog walks too.

Never a fan of gym socks, the best bit about these trainers is I haven’t needed to wear any.  The soft merino wool lining fits your foot like a glove, and they are naturally odour resistant too. Another big plus point is that because of the merino wool composition, you can make the most of natural temperature control. While warm in winter, the wool will keep feet cool across summer months.

The anti-slip sole ensures you can move with ease (and no worries of sliding about), while these extremely light shoes make for a good travelling pair as well. And from a style point of view, they are taking my workouts up a notch on the chic barometer.

Whether you’re a fan of activewear, live for a workout or simply seek a new pair of trainers, here at SN, we are extremely impressed with Giesswein.

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