Feeling Anxiety Over Your Prom Look – Tips and Tricks that Will Help You Pull Off the Perfect Look

Photo Credit: Janko Ferlic, www.pexels.com

Sure, prom may be many months away, but it’s pretty crazy how early anxiety and stress can start to set in when you’re dealing with a big event. Prom is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events which is meant to be special, memorable, and a chance to celebrate and have fun with friends. With that said, it’s also an opportunity to make a real fashion statement, and have a moment if you will, dressing in that dream gown and feeling your absolute most beautiful self.

So, what happens if the pressure to look great and have that ideal prom look is getting to you? What if the stress is starting to cloud your judgement, and making it hard for you to even imagine putting together a full outfit? Not to worry, as we have you covered. Here we’ll take a look a number of tips and tricks that are meant to take the stress out of your prom look, and help you create a vision that you can bring to life.

Create a Vision in Your Head

A great place to start is with a vision of the look you are going for. This doesn’t have to be written in stone; there should always be flexibility, but if you hammer down a few details, it can at least make shopping for a dress and putting together an outfit a lot easier. For example, maybe there is a particular color you want to wear, a certain style or length of dress, or even a fabric you prefer. Be sure to browse various websites to get ideas on what is trendy and fashionable right now.

Start Shopping Early

The next tip is to start shopping early. Yes, prom is pretty far off, but the closer you get to the date, the less options will be available to you. There will be less styles to choose from, less color selection, and you may run the risk of not being able to find your size in your “dream dress”. That saying of “the early bird gets the worm”, definitely is true when it comes to prom dress shopping.

Remember, by shopping around early, you’ll have a chance to check out a variety of stores and websites and not feel the pressure to get the first thing that fits or catches your eye.

Set a Budget You Feel Comfortable With

Prom can also get pretty expensive rather quickly, so one thing that can be helpful is to set your wardrobe, makeup, and hair budget early-on. Set a budget that you can comfortably afford and won’t leave you completely broke. You may want to get an idea on dress prices before you set the budget, just to be sure you’re being realistic.

DIY Hair and Makeup

If you happen to be on a really tight budget, as so many students are, you may want to consider DIY hair and makeup. Rather than book an expensive makeup artist and hairstylist, you can start practicing well before the prom and really perfect your look. Websites, magazines, and YouTube can all be excellent sources of inspiration and ideas. They are also a great place to find tutorials that you can follow along with step-by-step.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

If you are the type that traditionally gravitates towards black for formal wear, now is the time to step outside the box and give color a chance. If there’s one way to really make a statement at prom, it’s to choose a gown in a bold or uncommon colour. Now this doesn’t mean you have to pick a colour you feel uncomfortable in, it is just the opposite. Pick a shade the complements your skin tone, eye color, or hair color, and really sets off your fabulous features.

The dresses at JVN are the perfect example of prom dresses that make use of colour in interesting ways. Take, for example, the Purple Sequin Embellished Low V Neck Prom Dress that will catch the light beautifully and reflect it off the stunning purple sequins that shine various shades of pink, lavender, gold, and green. With the JVN site, you’ll be able to find various styles you like, then use the search tool to find a retailer near you. This will allow you to go try the dress on in person.

Try to Find the Fun in the Experience

The final tip is to be sure you try to find the fun in the experience. Sure, there is plenty to feel anxious about, but it’s important to remind yourself that this is a time to be with friends, celebrate all you have accomplished in school up to this point, and just enjoy getting dressed up together.

By following all of these tips, you’ll be sure to have a fabulous and stress-free prom.

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