Daisy London launches the VITA collection

aBeautiful, tactile pieces combined with an empowering, body positive ethos – we couldn’t be more in love with this new jewellery range

 The body positivity movement has arguably been one of the best things to come out of social media in recent years. But during the uncertain and confusing times we have been living in of late, some of us may have lost our body confidence, not to mention our usual sense of self due to everyday living looking so different. There could be no better time, then, for Daisy London’s stunning new VITA collection, which celebrates life and the strength of the body that carries us through its many ups and downs.  

Stemming from the brand’s best-selling Aphrodite Necklace (which we have been lusting after for so long), VITA – the Latin word for ‘life’ – has been inspired by the strength, beauty and resilience of women’s bodies. Each sculptural piece captures different angles of the female form, with the concept being that every inch of our skin tells a story worth celebrating. As the campaign messaging says: “My life began in this skin; Every inch tells a story. My story.” It’s a striking and moving statement.

Complementing the Aphrodite, the range comprises of several tactile pieces including three pendant necklaces, a pair of charm hoop earrings and a sculpted bust signet-style ring which makes for a gorgeous statement look. We love the VITA Necklace, which features a sculptural pendant of the female form and acts as a powerful reminder to embrace ourselves just as we are. Meanwhile the Alexa Necklace has a classical life sculpture vibe but with a contemporary twist and symbolises integrity, pleasure and creative expression – we’ll take all three. Each piece is available in 18ct gold-plated silver and sterling silver, offering the versatility to allow you to easily make the collection your own.

To further celebrate VITA’s message of self-love, Daisy London has collaborated with several inspiring creatives to produce a series of content beautifully encapsulating the collection’s ethos. Featuring the likes of body positivity pioneer Natalie Lee and gender and menstrual equality advocate Emma Breschi, the campaign allowed each creative to produce a visual representation of what they feel embodies VITA, and it further adds to the range’s celebration of the skin we’re in. We’re in love.

 Whilst we may not know what the months ahead hold, VITA offers a beautiful reminder that we are enough just as we are, and that our incredible bodies should be celebrated for all that they carry us through.  

Shop the Daisy London VITA collection at www.daisyjewellery.com. Prices start from £59.

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