5 Fashion Brands To Look Out For In The USA

Photo Credit: Melvin Buezo, www.pexels.com

Travelling to the USA is not only an experience to try new things, but it is also the perfect opportunity to go on a shopping trip and find yourself some unique items. But which brands are worth looking out for? So before you begin applying for your USA Esta, sit back and allow us to show you five fashion brands for you to look out for in the USA.


Though they have these stunning brands in the UK these American brands are often much cheaper when visiting the US. In addition to it being cheaper, there is also the chance that there will be items that are US exclusives making this the perfect brand to look out for when you are travelling. With brand ambassadors such as Selena Gomez and an abundance of other celebrities, this is a brand worth looking out for when travelling to the US as you will find everything you need all in one place.

Levi Strauss

In addition to Coach, another brand that is worth looking at is Levi. This world-renowned brand is based in the US and creates high-quality denim clothes for every event. Though these are also sold in the UK they are often more expensive than they would be if you were to shop in the United States, therefore it may be worth travelling to the nearest mall and grabbing yourself some items for a much cheaper price than you would back home making this a benefit for you and also your bank account.

Under Armour

Another brand that is slowly becoming popular in the UK and other parts of the world is under armour. With famous celebrities such as Dawne the Rock Johnson and Anthony Joshua promoting this brand with their very own ranges, it is clear to see this is for the most experienced athlete who is looking to train and cares deeply about fitness. This is well worth investing in if you get the chance as you can train to your heart’s content on holiday and bring the kit back to the UK with you to continue your training at home or at the gym at a fraction of the cost.

Tommy Hilfiger

Another high-end brand that hales from the USA is Tommy Hilfiger. This brand creates high-quality clothes and shoes that are known all over the world for being the very best of high fashion. When travelling to the US you are likely to find some of the new fashion items at a much cheaper price when compared to the UK prices and the availability of stock will be slightly more allowing you to have the items that you want from the Gigi Hadid collection or the collections for a number of other famous faces.


The final brand to look out for ion the United States is Nike. With product ranges with major sporting companies such as the NFL and the NBA, you can be sure to find new and exclusive items specific to the US that are not yet out in the UK. This is great if you are travelling here as you can buy yourself brand new items you won’t get anywhere else.

With all this in mind, there are several brands for you to look out for when travelling to the US particularly if you like designer items at a cheaper price. Where will you start?

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