4 Ways to Wear Men’s Jeans Without Blending Into The Crowd

Photo Credit: Mnz, www.pexels.com

Denim jeans. They’re the most important part of any man’s wardrobe thanks to their timeless style, durable build, and insanely fashionable look – the complete package when it comes to men’s attire! Whether you’re dressing up or going for something a little more casual, there’s a pair of jeans for that! With all of these options, it can sometimes be a little difficult to find the right jeans to add to your wardrobe, but don’t worry; we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect pair of jeans for every occasion! Check out our top tips below to develop your new denim fit…

Straight Leg

The classic. When it comes to jeans, they’re the iconic fit and if they haven’t gone out of style yet, we doubt they ever will. Their structure is simple, straight down from the knee with next to no tapering – this gives a roomy fit around the ankle, but not so loose that it looks baggy like a flared leg or bootcut. Straight leg jeans are incredibly versatile; they have a simple, sophisticated look and are great for putting a more quirky twist into your fit if you roll the legs up and pair them with a retro sweater and trainers.

Skinny Fit

This has fast become one of the most popular styles of jeans on the market thanks to their flattering fit that looks great in both casual and more formal scenarios. Whether you’re going with blue, black, or grey for your skinny fit jeans, you’re sure to look great, with the tapered leg helping you to look taller and sleeker. Our top pick for skinny jeans is pairing them with a pair of Chelsea boots and a casual upper fit, perhaps wearing a simple white tee and an open buttoned overshirt to create an effortless ensemble.

Cropped Jeans

The favourite for those who love the alt and quirky vibe, jeans that are cropped are a fantastic choice, bringing a really interesting look to your outfit. The usual look is pairing the jeans with a tee and a pair of trainers, with pulled up tube socks completing the look, but it doesn’t always have to be that way – you can go for the full indie look with a denim jacket, a skater style beanie, and a standard pair of Vans if you want to go for something simple, stylish, and personalised.


Lastly, let’s take a look at slim fit jeans, which are probably the best balance between the toned and tailored fit of skinny jeans and the relaxed style of straight and cropped. Capable of being worn in almost any situation depending upon the rest of the outfit, it’s very rare that slim jeans won’t serve you well in your day to day business. For a formal setting, choose dark indigo slim-fit trousers and add a blazer; this fit feels great and is sure to look the part for meetings with clients or summer events! If it’s a casual look you’re needing, stick on a simple polo shirt for that effortlessly elegant touch.

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