Why is investing in statement pieces so important?

Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

Statement pieces come and go, but while they’re in vogue you’re one of the fashion elite if you can jump on the trend quick enough – or even be one of the founders. Each year, we witness a new array of statement pieces and with the rise of Instagram influencers and social media beauty bloggers we’re seeing more and more trends populating the fashion sphere and broadening our horizons.

But for those of us who rely heavily on an evergreen pair of skinny jeans and a striped Breton tee, why should we start buying statement pieces? After all, won’t they need retiring once the season is over? What’s the point in spending all that money for something we’ll only wear once or twice?

This notion isn’t necessarily true, after all haven’t you heard your mother comment numerous times on your clothing, noting that the fashion has ‘come around again’ from the 80s or whatever era she was a teen in? It’s true – that statement piece will always come back around.

Suede is a good example of this, every so often those who love to shop get a penchant for fringing and tan (probably because it looks so good in an Instagram Boomerang snap) and the suede jacket returns to adorn the backs of the fashionable at summer festivals and everything in between.

This year, it’s all about millennial pink, sliders, slogan tees and bodycon dresses – from the likes of superdry.com or a retro sportswear brand – that are dominating the scene. And it’s high time you picked up something statement too and introduced it to your wardrobe.

Investing in statement pieces allows us to play with fashion, we can pick and choose what we like then mix and match it with what we already have. Wide leg trousers and culottes are having a moment for example, and are so easy to introduce to your normal everyday looks. Team a pair with a simple jumper or a strappy cami for work and you’ve bagged yourself a statement piece that’s simple to throw on but still ticks all the current trend boxes.

Summer is one of the best seasons to look for statement pieces and trends. It’s when everyone starts to truly experiment with their looks ready for the festivals, as we all try to avoid the classic wellies, denim shorts and cropped top ensemble enjoyed by teenage girls who don’t even know who Craig David is. A trip abroad also allows you some room for experimentation when it comes to fashion, mainly because no one knows you at that hotel you’re staying at.

You could try out some denim dungarees that are currently being worn with basic t-shirts and fashion trainers or opt for ruffles on a blouse for the evening, a cut we’re seeing plenty of this season and one that speaks volumes on its own. One shoulder tops and dresses are also making a comeback from a couple of years ago – ideal for party looks pull your old one out of your wardrobe and you’re good to go.

Start investing in statement pieces today, look good now, mix it up with your evergreen clothing styles and feel prepared for when the trend eventually rolls around a few seasons later. You got this.

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