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It’s all well and good to see gorgeous jewellery and accessories advertised – the ones that sparkle and glimmer like in a fairy tale – but we know full well that they would be scratched, scuffed, or broken within five minutes of your actual daily life as a mum on-the-go. What are the items out there in the world that busy mums can genuinely use? Of course, there are classy times for dangling earrings and large pendant necklaces on a night out, but for a day of working, running errands, and playing with kids, here are items you’ll actually need to complement your routine.

Sturdy and fashionable shoes

It can be difficult to combine both style and substance. Usually, you’re left with something beautiful, yet feeling like your ankle could break at any moment, or perhaps a shoe that’s comfortable, but makes you feel like you’re wearing two bricks on your feet. Luckily, these Högl shoes, which are part of a range from Peter Hahn, are ballerinas that manage to combine most attributes that any busy mother would want in a shoe: Heel support, breathable lining, lightweight, easy slip-on, padded insoles, as well as being modern and tasteful.

Digital timekeeping

Of course, wearing a watch seems simple enough, most of us have done that since an early age, but smartwatches are a completely new kettle of fish. The Apple Watch has been available for a while now, but like many of Apple’s products, a successor is always around the corner. As a result, the Sport edition of the Apple Watch is incredibly affordable right now at £259. Other than telling the time, an iPhone can sync with your Apple Watch to relay messages – saving you the hassle of fumbling around for your phone. Throw in some health tracking, audio, and gaming apps on the smartwatch, and you’ve got yourself a very useful and handsome device that is beneficial for mums over a full 24 hours.

A bag for all conditions

A working mother’s bag has to be something special. Likely to be thrown around from office to home, to school, and so on, a handbag ideally needs to have multiple strap options, many assorted pockets and compartments, deep (almost as deep as Mary Poppins’), but also not be something you’re embarrassed to carry around with you. These nappy bags are real keepers and should fit your day-to-day needs. There are so many stylish and functional options to choose from, that you’re sure to find something you love.

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