Nightclub Ready: Turn Heads At Your Next Night on the Tiles!

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A night out on the tiles is a chance to let your hair down, have a few drinks and indulge in some carefree fun. Dancing, taking selfies and generally having a great time with friends- what could be better? Nights out also give you the opportunity to really glam up and have fun with your look, from your hair and makeup to your outfit and shoes. If you want to make an impression next time you’re out painting the town red, here are some ideas!

Hair and Makeup

Doing something a little different with your hair is a quick way to make you feel ultra glamorous and put together. If your mane is naturally curly, how about going straight and sleek for the evening? If it’s usually straight, use a curling wand or some heated rollers to give it body and texture. Clip in extensions are a convenient way to give you extra length, or you could even go with a full wig. There are a very nice range of lace front wigs over at, so if you’ve always wanted to try a particular color or style now is the chance! You don’t have to touch your natural hair but can completely transform for the evening. Modern wigs look very natural, so something worth trying if you want to make an impact! For makeup, a night on the town gives you the chance to go all out. Dark, sultry smoky eyes, false lashes, winged liner, highlight, contour- the lot! Have a look on Youtube for some tutorials to give you ideas.


Time to pull out your best party dresses! If you’re planning on wearing something from your wardrobe that you’ve not worn in a while, try it on beforehand. Small changes in weight can make what was once a cute outfit into something that looks far too short and revealing! Go with something you feel stunning in, but that’s also comfortable. A bralet style top or a mini dress might look incredible at the start of the night, but after a few drinks are you going to feel bloated and conscious of your stomach? Is the dress or skirt you’re wearing going to ride up as you dance? All things to take into consideration!


It’s tempting to grab your highest and most incredibly looking pairs of shoes from the wardrobe when you’re planning a night out. But actually, you’re far better off in something you can comfortably walk in. Go with heels which have a platform at the front, not only do these look higher without making the angle of your foot higher, but they also tend to be more comfortable. They cushion the ball of the foot better so you can dance for longer! If you’ve bought new shoes to wear out, it’s worth breaking them in a day or two before so you can work out if they will be too painful. Anything that feels unbearable just walking around the house is going to cause problems when you’re out dancing for hours. Gel inserts and blister plasters can save your feet so are worth stocking up on!

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