Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

Sometimes all we need to complete that statement look is pairing some simple favourites with the perfect accessories. From necklaces and earrings to belts, scarves, and hats, the ability to completely change a look with only a few items is rather endless. One of the best statement pieces by far, though – which always adds a touch of class and practicality – is a great watch.

However, times are changing in the watch sector with the emergence of smartwatches. Although it may be functional and practical, it hasn’t always looked so aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, a few of the luxury fashion brands have decided to engage the trend with their own flare, meaning you can get the tech you crave with the fashionable appeal that you really want.

Luxury fashion meets the tech world

With the emergence of the Apple Watch and other smartwatches, many people are jumping onboard the trend because of its practicality and ability to optimise and simplify life. Of course, one of the main setbacks that some may have brought up is that while smartwatches are cool and nice gadget to have, many wouldn’t be seen wearing one to a wedding or a dressed up night on the town. As wonderful as knowing your heart rate, receiving text messages, and playing games on your wrist might be, not many smartwatches can compete with a classic analogue Rolex or Omega in terms of design.

It’s safe to say that the luxury watch sector still has the advantage in terms of looks, as one just needs to look at this range of gold Rolexes, Patek Philippes, and Omegas, for example, to know what the fuss regarding Swiss manufacturing is all about. That said, smartwatches are also getting a facelift, by taking fashionable inspiration from luxury timepieces and becoming a little more aesthetically pleasing.

The exciting designers and brands bringing a little class and charm to the Apple Watch are:


Having entered into an official partnership, Hermès is front and centre of the fashion revolution for bringing class and style to the Apple Watch. The Hermès Apple Watch bands are beautifully crafted leather bands that are tasteful, artistic, and breathtakingly elegant. A perfect symbiosis of utility and sheer beauty, the Apple Watch Hermès is available in a double tour design that wraps twice around the wrist, as well as a single tour and cuff design, and is presented in several eye-catching colours.


Accessories giant, Coach, is likewise joining in on the Apple Watch boom, with their band reportedly scheduled to be released in June. The iconic Coach leather is paired with delicate embellishments, bringing a touch of fashion and individuality to each band. Expected to also be released in an impressive line of colours, and cheaper than the Hermès counterparts, the Coach Apple Watch bands are sure to make quite a splash.

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