7 Statement Sunglasses Trends for 2022

Sunglasses are a must have addition to your summer wardrobe, and it’s time to update your collection with the best of this seasons’ frames.

There is something to suit everyone. The classic Top-Gun aviators and Ray-Ban Wayfarers are still in style with their timeless appeal, but in 2022 sunglasses are coming in bold, colourful and in striking shapes and sizes. Fun frames and vibrantly tinted lenses are this seasons’ must-haves for maximum impact.

70’s Inspired Oversized Sunglasses

Exaggerated, oversized frames are a great investment and will elevate your look to the next level. This enduring style offers a strong fashion statement and the ultimate in eye protection.

Photo by Ali Pazani

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Turing a classic silhouette on its head, this years’ updated cat eye frames come with exaggerated curves and shapes to flatter your facial shape and bring your personality to life.

Tinted Lenses

See the world through rose-tinted glasses! Switch it up for a mood boosting look with a rainbow of colours to fit your personal taste. Stainless steel frames with green lenses are a cult favourite and look good on any face shape.

Futuristic Frames

A major comeback look for 2022. From geometric shapes to slick sci-fi shields, futuristic eye wear will add glamour to any outfit. This ultra-modern trend is a favourite among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Coloured Acetate Frames

Soft pastel colours are a key look when it comes to the latest sunglasses trends. Instead of going for the traditional black or tortoiseshell, you can colour block and match your outfits with acetate styles in lilac, peach and sky blue.

Sporty Sunglasses

Making their mark in 2018, this years’ sporty styles are more minimalistic, polished and easy to wear. It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun when you’re outside being active, and sports sunglasses will also keep your eyes safe from impact and shield them from wind, dust and other debris.

Rimless Designs

A top style for all seasons and flattering on all face shapes. Rimless glasses are stunningly minimalistic, easy to wear and highly customisable, with many quirky and trendy shapes available.

So there you have it, a roundup of the top trends to look out for this year. Whichever style takes your fancy, make sure to get your hands on a pair soon!

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