5 Reasons to Try a New Look in 2020

Photo Credit: Alessio Cesario, www.pexels.com

Are you fed up of seeing the same old thing in your wardrobe? If so, now is a great time to change things up.

With the 2020s underway, this new decade is a great opportunity to reinvent, revamp and refresh your look – and you needn’t break the bank to make a difference. From small adjustments to clever shopping choices, there are several ways to tap into the trends and reimagine your style.

Before you begin your style journey, it’s worth considering the benefits of trying something different. Here are some of them.

  1. Embrace the future

We’re all guilty of keeping hold of the jeans that we wore on our first date and hold onto the prom dress from sixth form. But if you’re never likely to wear the cropped Warehouse trousers from the mid-noughties again, it’s time to let go of the past and move on. Take these relics out and allow shiny new additions into your life to help you accept the version of you in the here and now.

  1. Boost your mood

There’s a reason why makeover shows on TV do so well. Often, when you wear something new or that’s different to your usual style, it’s possible to see an instant uplift in your mood. Changing things up, whether that’s with a full outfit or some tiny additions, can encourage positive feelings and a general sense of happiness.

  1. Feel confident

Happiness isn’t the only feeling you can get from a wardrobe update. When you try something new, it has the ability to make you feel confident. Think back to your last job interview. You’re likely to have dressed in an outfit that is both professional and to make you feel ready to face the questions that were to be put to you.

Similarly, dressing in a way that inspires this feeling of assuredness – and even daring – can transfer into how you feel about yourself and how you conduct yourself. And this means you can use your clothes to help you handle everything from a tricky conversation at work to a first date.

  1. Accept who you are

Our tastes change over the years, but sometimes it can take a while to realise that we can’t wear that floral tea dress anymore. If you’ve recently decided that you love leopard print or that you can pull off yellow gold, then this is who you are today.

Accept this by analysing your wardrobe and making switches where needed. Invest in that scarf with the vibrant colours or buy that cute piece of jewellery you spotted and allow the new you to take centre stage.

Why are you thinking of changing your wardrobe? What style would you like to try out in 2020?

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