3 Ways to Update your Work Wardrobe

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Your office work might be monotonous and boring, but your smart- casual dress doesn’t have to be. Since mixing different styles always bears a risk of failure, striving to pull off a look that combines smart and trendy clothes is a challenging task, even for a fashion stylist. Thus, many of us often feel hopeless when trying to put together a well – balanced outfit that is both office-ready and bold. Too often, we settle for an effortless, and mediocre look that doesn’t reflect our personalities.

Experimenting with your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be too difficult, especially if you have good guidance. Below we present some key tips that will help you to explore different fashion trends, without compromising your personal style.

Search for a unique staple dress   

Finding a smart, yet versatile staple dress is a trick of the (fashion) trade that will help you to boost your confidence and look. Depending on how brave you want to be with reinventing your work wardrobe, you can settle for a classic little black dress or a printed dress with delicate symbols of whatever is closest to your heart.

Going for the printed dress is exactly what striking the right balance between chic and traditional work wear.  If the office dress- code is still a brand new thing to you, wearing a staple is a downgrade in your fashion taste, don’t worry. It doesn’t cost much to take it from boring to brilliant. All you have to do is wisely choose accessories to dress it up with and you are ready to go. There are some beautiful dresses on offer so why not choose something eye-catching now to refresh your wardrobe before the new season?

Invest in at least one chic blazer  

It goes without saying that blazers are absolute essentials of any working woman (and man’s) wardrobe. With that in mind, there is a great chance that you already are the happy owner, of a simple black or blue navy blazer that you save for special occasions like presentations, client meetings or interviews. But who said they must be plain and boring? If you feel like you need to express yourself a little bit more, find a statement jacket that will speak for itself.  Depending on the pattern of the blazer, you can wear it with a plain white shirt and blouse or if it’s still cold outside match it with a toasty turtleneck.

Finish your look with a touch of a style

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories, as they can add that extra something to your outfit and help you change up your look. Prove you mean business by investing in a stylish portfolio clutch to replace your sporty backpack or the standard tote bag.  For more educated look search for a pair of fashionable spectacles. If you require prescription glasses, then take some time to investigate getting prescription, and the right frames. Wearing geeky glasses is currently a very hot trend, so there is plenty of sites that will guide you through this process. You can even play a game to find out, what’s in store!

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