#ZoomFace injectables with Dr Ahmed

Another lockdown means even more Zoom calls- and however much I can dress down from the waist my top half is in full view for my colleagues to appraise.

Due to lots of witty memes that have been making waves on the internet, I have learnt to keep my backdrop to a minimum, but that means all the focus is on me, and if you have ever had to look at your reflection for more than it takes for a haircut, that’s quite a wake up call. Even though you might be in a little square box on your screen, your vis may be 15inches wide on someone else’s, and make every little wrinkle seem larger than life!

I’ve found that wearing myself wearing less makeup during the pandemic and noticing my natural skin a lot more. So it was time to do something about my wrinkles and crinkles that were creeping back in. Everyone knows that we should have been drinking lots of water and wearing sunscreen every day to help prevent the depletion of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in our faces, but not everyone (raises a guilty hand) started doing this in time.

But thankfully, there are subtle ways to plump out those life lines. It’s only when you really look that you notice how much your skin says about you, that’s why it’s super important to go to a recommended aesthetician for advice. No Doctor should just book you in for fillers or Botox. You need to know what will happen beneath the skin too.

Aesthetic doctor, Dr Ahmed has an impeccable bedside manner which he honed from working for the NHS, and he is also a self confessed workaholic. I managed to snap up a holy grail London appointment before the current lockdown. Just in time for a new wave of Zooms. I had booked in for an hour, so I could have a consultation and treatment on the spot, and he immediately noticed my age lines and wrinkles, and talked me through the process and how a touch of filler and some Botox for my smokers lines would really lift my face. I hadn’t actually realised that I would need so many jabs! But he advised that a small dose of filler in quite a few places would make a big difference, whilst the Botox would quieten my energetic mouth muscles.

Dr Ahmed explained  that dermal fillers are the most popular injectables on the market as they contain hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance found in our joints, eyes and skin). When injected under the skin, fillers weld the tissues together to give a plumper silhouette. With a hydrating and volumising response, it encourages new collagen formation which works with the body’s instinctive repair system- but still cautious about having too many additives, I was assured that he would use the lowest dose.

Laying back on the couch in central Mayfair getting pampered by Dr Ahmed, was quite a surreal experience- especially as we don’t know what’s about to happen with the world next. But what I do know, is that for my next round of Zoom meetings, I am going to be looking and feeling the best version of myself!

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