Wow! That’s Assome!

When up to 90% of UK women consider themselves to have some degree of cellulite, you can be sure there will always be new and exciting treatments to tackle it. This is great if A. They work, B. They are affordable and C. They are accessible, so, what if a cellulite treatment was developed that you can do yourself, in the comfort of your own home?!

I think we can all accept that traditional ‘cellulite creams’ just don’t work *covers ears for backlash*. Yes, they can feel nice (or sometimes not, if we’re talking the ultra-cold or warming versions), yes, they can make the skin slightly more taught-looking and often they can have a smoothing effect, but in my humble opinion, I have never used/seen/heard of a cream that actually removes cellulite, ever.

There are 2 types of appearance for what we typically class as cellulite; One is when the skin is pulled inward in small areas, creating the classic dimpled look, the second is the more common, corrugation type appearance which usually effects a larger surface area- this is due to slackening of the fibres that hold the skin up, and this is where new treatment, Assome really works it’s magic.

Assome (best name ever btw) combines 3 tried and tested technologies, that have previously only been available in salons to effectively lift and firm the bum, and fight cellulite:

LED (Light Emitting Diode) emits wavelengths of light energy to firm and lift the skin- an already proven and popular treatment for the face, the energy converts to fuel in the dermis to super charge collagen production and therefore boost and rejuvenate the skin.

RF (Radio Frequency), applies heat to the dermis (the deepest layer of skin) creating lyposis- whereby, fat begins to melt. The heat also acts like an iron on the pockets of fat, creating a smoother and tighter appearance. This also has AMAZING results on stretch marks.

CV (Ultrasound Therapy) makes high-frequency vibrations that physically make the body vibrate. The vibrations are up to 1 million per second (so fast that you cannot feel them) massaging, moving and reshaping stubborn fat cells deep within the skin.

Each kit provides 3 serums for different results; cellulite removal, fat reduction and firming, and a tube of ultrasonic gel. You apply a drop of serum on the area to be worked on and then select a setting according to which serum you are using (i.e firming serum for LED mode) next, apply the gel directly to the device, then start massaging! You only massage for 5 minutes and it isn’t uncomfortable at all- in fact, I didn’t feel a thing, but you must keep the device moving at all times. It was only after I’d finished massaging that I could feel something; a really intense heat in my bum cheeks! The skin felt cool to the touch but inside was roasting! This is exactly where you want to be feeling the activity though; surface heat will not have any effect on the fat cells at all.

All three of these technologies have been proven to work in salon treatments -I’ve tried them all in different capacities (Radio Frequency I rate particularly highly for the toning effect it has on the skin) but as with most beauty or fitness regimes, consistency is key, so, by having this technology in your own home, and being able to use it whenever you please at the time that suits you, your chance of a beautiful booty is totally in your hands! It’s not limited to your behind though- legs, arms and stomach can all reap the rewards too- in fact, it was the post-pregnancy stretch marks on my stomach that I (very quickly) noticed a real improvement first.

I’m only on week 4 but already, I like the way this is heading…..

Assome Starter Kit (ultrasonic device, 3x serum, ultrasonic gel) £199

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