I once heard somebody say, “if we can conquer inflammation in the body we will win the fight against ageing and disease”. Well it looks like we’re a step (or huge leap) closer to achieving that- mostly in the form of Cryotherapy.

It sounds very futuristic but actually, the concept has been around for years in different formats; I trained in a Decleor treatment called ‘Perfect Legs’ 17 years ago, which was centred around cryotherapy (cold therapy) that gave amazing results on thread veins and reducing ‘heaviness’ in the legs but now the theory, popularity and technology are picking up pace to achieve far greater, full-body results.

None more so than the Cryotherapy ‘cabins’ at LondonCryo; unlike most treatments or ‘chambers’ (which can only (only!!!) reach temperatures of -80) the cabins at LondonCryo take you to -140 in a 3-minute session. Sounds horrific, doesn’t it?! But instead of feeling traumatised after your treatment, you come away light and euphoric as your body is flooded with feel-good endorphins!

This mood-uplift is just one of many side effects of this incredible treatment. LondonCryo is the brainchild of native Australian, Maria Ensabella; a mother of two and fitness fanatic, who first came across whole body cryotherapy in New York when she was looking for a treatment to aid her recovery after exercise. Maria had noticed in her late 30s that her recovery from training was getting slower and she was more susceptible to injury, so she went on the hunt for something special. Maria found that ‘something special’ in whole body cryotherapy but unfortunately couldn’t find the same standard of equipment back home in London, and so LondonCryo was born!

When your body is subjected to such low temperatures the blood rushes to your organs to protect them, upon leaving the cabin, the extra-oxygenated and nutrient rich blood rushes back through your system giving you a surge of energy, nourishing your body and clearing your mind. What’s more, it’s also anti-ageing (I feel an addiction coming on…).

The factor that makes this treatment so amazing, is the reduction of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a natural reaction to injury or illness in the body and has an important role in helping the body heal. However, low grade inflammation from continued stresses such as diet or lifestyle has a very negative effect on the body- even being linked to dementia, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and of course premature ageing. You wouldn’t think it at first glance but Cryo is a total wellness treatment; reduce inflammation in the body and you will restore health to your mind and body, and reduce your risk of chronic disease. With famous fans including A- listers, Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys, to sports stars such as Christiano Ronaldo (and actually, most premiership football clubs) you know you are on to a winner.

The clever people at Perricone MD have also believed in the anti-ageing power of the anti-inflammatory for a while now, and finally, this year saw the release of their H2 Elemental Energy Collection- all designed to reduce inflammation in the skin. The range consists of a serum, a moisturiser, an eye gel and a foaming ‘cloud’ mask, they are all powered by Hydrogen (the smallest molecule known to exist) making each product as light as a feather and super-fast to penetrate the skin. Your face is instantly soothed and begins to de-stress whilst becoming re-energised and radiant. I love the entire collection but my particular favourite is the mask; it bubbles up on the face upon contact (literally making you look like a cloud!) cooling and calming the skin as it goes- this is ideal to use at times of stress, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends or simply when your skin has decided to act a bit crazy and needs to chill out a bit!

Inflammation is certainly a bit of a buzz word right now but as is often with these topics, it has become so for many a good reason and if we are aware of it, we can do something about it- and flourish in the process!

LondonCryo single session £90 (discounted courses available) 20 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS, 0207 247 6230, www.londoncryo.com

Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Collection from £48 www.perriconemd.co.uk

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