Volcanic Hot Stones Massage At Calcot Spa

calcot-manor-Spa-ExteriorIf you’re feeling tired, worn-out and in need of some serious T.L.C., then this is the treatment and spa for you.

The Volcanic Hot Stones Massage is the perfect balance of working aching and knotted muscles with an intense yet soothing heat that will relax and help you unwind in no time.

Basalt stones (the hot stones used in this treatment) have been used in massage for hundreds of years for their decongesting effect on muscular and nervous tension and their positive effect on toxin elimination.

However, unlike some traditional hot stone massages Calcot have devised their own routine which includes using the hot stones with traditional massage techniques, so at times your therapist will use only her hands and will incorporate the hot stones after having warmed up the body.

The treatment begins with a soothing foot massage, then hot stones are used with a warm oil to gently glide all over the body.  Your therapist will work a little deeper into certain areas that hold more tension.  Whilst it is a deeper massage in these areas, it is in no way uncomfortable.

You will also notice throughout the treatment that hot stones will be placed on different parts of your body; these are your Chakras. Placing the stones on each point will help centre, calm, ground, and relax you.

This isn’t a treatment for those who like a deeper, harder massage such as a sports massage, but if you want some pampering and an hour to unwind and relax, we can highly recommend it.

The treatment costs £70 for 55 minutes, Calcotspa.co.uk.


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