The rise of non-surgical cosmetic treatments

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With celebrities donning dramatic weight loss, incredibly perky behinds and perfectly contoured facial structures, we’re no strangers to altering the way we look. However, cosmetic treatments can often be a sensitive subject in this body image-obsessed society. But think about it – we are so lucky to live in a world where almost anything is possible when it comes to our appearance.

Advancements in science mean that we know more about our bodies than ever before and with that comes the power to enhance, ‘fix’ and change them. The cosmetics industry is full of possibilities and there’s more procedures and treatments available today than we could count.

Something that has been on the rise over recent years are non-invasive treatments. Just the words ‘cosmetic surgery’ often gets people’s backs up but these holistic, non-surgical treatments are becoming much more widely accepted. They utilise and accelerate natural processes within the body to help people reach their body goals alongside a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a snapshot of the few most popular non-surgical treatments…

Fat freezing

Fat freezing exposes the target area such as the abdomen, thighs or hips to sufficiently cold temperatures to freeze and kill fat cells, which the body then naturally disposes of over time as they are no longer needed. The result? A subtle body contouring effect. Fat freezing needs no recovery time and takes around an hour – so you could effectively have this done on your lunch break before continuing with your day.

Brazilian bum lifts

Bigger and enhanced bums have become one of the most sought after looks today, thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians. Surgical Brazilian Bum-Lifts have been on the rise, but these can be dangerous and have been dubbed the ‘deadliest of all aesthetic procedures’. Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lifts therefore are a no brainer. It’s a safe and non-invasive way to lift and sculpt the shape of your bum.

Focused heating causes the contraction of the fibres in your bum which immediately tightens the skin. You’re left with smoother, softer skin along with the tightening and lifting that will usually give you noticeable results in just one sitting.

Cellulite reduction

As many of 80-95% of women are said to be affected by cellulite. It’s not something that’s related to weight or health issues – anyone can get cellulite. It’s simply the topmost layer of fat underneath the skin, and the ‘orange peel’ texture is caused by the way that the body stores this fat.

Cellulite can be really difficult to get rid of, however non-surgical cellulite reduction treatments have a good track record of tackling this common body hang-up. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and can be used on legs, bums and arms.

The ideal candidate for a non-surgical treatment is someone who is already in good health and just needs a little boost to reach their body goals. If that sounds like you and you’re thinking about making some small body changes and don’t want to run the risk of scars and botched jobs, then do a little research into non-surgical treatments for a safe and stress-free solution.

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