Dr Pradnya Apte, the lip dentist, qualified as a dental surgeon on Harley Street back in 1993 but since 2007, realising that it is not just our teeth that make a perfect smile, Dr Pradnya has been focussing predominantly on the aesthetics of a beautiful smile – using fillers, botox, thread lifts and Invisalign. She is now back on Harley Street, at the amazing Harley Street Dental Studio, offering solutions to all smile-related beauty!

For example, teeth grinders can benefit from a little botox in the jawline to relax and re-balance enlarged jaw muscles. Botox can also be used to soften a ‘gummy’ smile. Lip filler can be used to disguise protruding teeth and filler can also balance a ‘weak’ chin (greatly effecting the appearance of our smile). The thread lifts can be really beneficial for drooping cheeks, especially improving the smile in side profile.

Generally speaking, dentists have a good eye for symmetry, but all have an in-depth understanding of facial structure and anatomy – essential for anyone administering filler. For example, some filler is inserted at quite a superficial depth (i.e. lips) but other filler, of a totally different consistency, is placed directly on the bone!! (i.e. the chin area). I watched Dr Pradnya do exactly this on a patient and, as painful as it sounds, the patient didn’t even flinch! (Obviously, numbing cream was applied first, but it was reassuring to witness just how tolerable the treatment is!). It all sounds quite dramatic but actually, much of Dr Pradnya’s work is about very subtle tweaks to create balance in the face.

It has been said “there is nothing more beautiful than a smiling face” and I have to agree, especially after Dr Pradnya has worked her magic!

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