For sun-kissed skin try a Glow Peel with Dr K

Imagine having that just-come-back-from-holiday-glow, when you actually returned a month ago, or you have to think further back than that…

Thankfully the sun kissed cheeks and rosy complexion that you get from a vacation can be recreated by a speedy 30 minute facial, which buffs up your skin and makes you look effervescent.

The latest offering from Dr K at Blush and Blow in Fulham, is a six minute chemical peel which is just enough time to activate the cells under the surface, and kick them into action which helps replenish any sagging dry skin and hyperpigmentation. Combining lactic acid, salicylic acid, and retinol it creates a multipurpose resurfacing solution which gets deep into the skin and activates the roots of fine lines, pores, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation – including age spots, discolouration, and uneven skin tone.

The peel varies from client to client, and everyone has a personal diagnosis as to how many layers they need. Primed with a thorough cleaning pre-treatment, the exfoliating peel has a slightly prickly effect which is the acid getting to work on the skin layers; But it helps that Dr K is on hand to talk through the process as she applies more coats of the mask, and chats all the way through the process, so the six minutes fly by.

Followed by a deliciously cooling, post peel recovery balm and light treatment to tighten up my pores again, I was glowing. My skin had never felt so refreshed and thoroughly cleansed- a definite lunchtime treat!

I was advised that my skin would probably flake over the coming days, which is my reaction to the old skin shedding and my fresh new skin coming through; Thankfully I didn’t have any events, and it wasn’t too sunny so I could hibernate- although this is something I could feel, rather than see anyway. But five days later, after generous amounts of my usual moisturiser and sunscreen- my skin looks fresh as a babies! Smoother, plumper and ripe! Which I what I would have expected of a Glow Peel. I can see an addiction coming on.

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