3 Festive Facials

Whether we are partying or not this festive season, here are my 3 favourite facials for a high-tech quick fix……

1. The WOW Facial @ Hannah London really lives up to its name (and then some).

Each treatment follows similar steps but is always made bespoke to the client and their current needs, however, most treatments will include a deep cleanse, a peel, fully customised micro-needling serum infusion (incredible for the skin), LED light and mask. It sounds a lot, but I can assure you it is the PERFECT pre-event facial for those of us in need of an advanced skin-boost; my skin felt plumped and flawless just a few short days after the treatment and my makeup went on (and stayed on) like a dream. Hannah London has the ideal balance of calm and clinical for this type of facial, I felt incredibly relaxed – even during the needling! If you are a retinol user, stop use around a week before treatment and resume a week post-treatment, otherwise, I’d say this is a suits and benefits all facial. I should note that, although I tried this facial for a special event, I think it is a fantastic treatment for ongoing skin-health and maintaining a youthful glow.

WOW Facial £250 @Hannah London www.hannahlondon.com 02082026187

39 Harley Street, London W1G 8QH

12 Boulevard Dr, London NW9 5QF

2. HydraFacial MD

I couldn’t write a quick-fix facial feature without including the ever-popular HydraFacial MD. I trained in this facial years ago when I was a facialist myself, and being a very hands-on facialist, I wasn’t a huge fan of the treatment although my clients (and their skin) loved it. Anyway, HydraFacial MD has come on a long way since I was treating clients; infusions have been added and clinics now tweak the treatment to include their own add-ons, so I thought it was about time I tried it again. My clinic of choice is the beautiful, new King’s Road clinic from Dr Maryam Zamani, the MZ Clinic; I am already a fan of the MZ Skin range (the Cleanse & Clarify cleanser and mask is something very special, and I love the new Pigmentation Correcting Ampoules for an extra brightening boost too). HydraFacial MD is popular because it deep cleans your skin like nothing else; the handpiece pushes product into the skin and simultaneously uses a suction to draw out impurities, dead skin cells and blockages – I have 2 very open pores on the bridge of my nose which are currently invisible thanks to the glycolic infusion and suction power of HydraFacial! The treatment is not necessarily relaxing (although totally comfortable) until you get to the LED part of the facial which MZ Clinic include at the end of the treatment – I was in that lovely, hazy, half-awake-half-asleep state for around 20 minutes. MZ offer all types of add-ons to the treatment – even injectables by their expert in-clinic doctors, but the LED is perfect for a collagen boosting glow. Most importantly, my skin looked great and felt like porcelain after – there’s no denying it, HydraFacial MD is well-loved for a reason!

HydraFacial from £250 www.drmaryamzamani.com  02039559700

110-112 King’s Road, London SW3 4TX

3. The Strawberry-Lift Facial

The Strawberry-Lift Facial at Kensington Medispa is a too-good-to-be-true treatment that is in-fact true! This is the treatment for anyone craving definition of the jawline or conscious of a double chin, but doesn’t tolerate pain or needles. The treatment starts with a warming laser which penetrates the skin and targets unwanted fat cells without any pain or discomfort, and better yet – the results for this part are practically instant! The next part of the treatment involves gliding a probe over the skin to tighten and promote collagen production to encourage ‘lift’ to the skin – some results for this are seen immediately and more so over the following weeks as the collagen production increases. The therapists at Kensington Medispa expertly guide the probe, assessing where the client needs the most attention, to create an almost (lower) facelift effect, and the results are incredible! Results can be staggering after just one session, but most clients opt for 2-3 sessions. I tried the Strawberry Lift with prevention in mind and now feel like a could give Hayley Bieber a run for her money in the chiselled jawline stakes!

This treatment really will be a dream come true for some people, it can be a real confidence boost even after just 1 session, and the team at Kensington Medispa are so fantastic – your chins will be in safe hands (until they’re zapped away forever!!).

First Session, £375 (if purchasing just 1 treatment). Course of 2 or more (max 4) is usually £300 per session but currently on offer to StyleNest readers for £200 per session until the end of January 2022.

To book call or email Kensington Medispa: 0203 441 9091 info@kensingtonmedispa.com

The Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT

4. SKN Rehab

Another treatment I couldn’t squeeze in this time, but have had in the past and loved, is the SKN Rehab Facial, which deep-cleanses, buffs and nurtures your skin to perfection! This treatment is particularly good for anyone who feel as though their products aren’t penetrating their skin properly or that their skin feels bumpy and uneven, giving instant and long-term results!


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