Tighten Your Skin This Summer

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Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Options and Considerations

Most of us can certainly agree that having loose, baggy, unsightly skin is unacceptable. However, a lot of people think that the automatic solution for sags and wrinkles is a surgical one. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone can afford the costs, lost work, or general time requirements that go into surgical intervention. But, beyond that, some skin conditions just don’t warrant surgery. That’s why the skincare industry has many nonsurgical skin tightening options available as well. 

Who Should Try the Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Approach

Nonsurgical skin tightening is not for those with severely sagging skin. However, if you’re just dealing with moderate wrinkles then it could definitely be the best route for you to take. Many nonsurgical treatments are also used in conjunction with surgical intervention. Surgery can sometimes leave some minor skin sagging, which can then be “touched up” with other clinical techniques.

Types of Nonsurgical Ways to Treat Your Skin

One of the most popular forms of nonsurgical cosmetic equipment is the cosmetic laser machine. Cosmetic laser machines come in many forms and strengths. Some of them incorporate components that can essentially stir things up deep within the skin, causing the regeneration of damaged skin cells by raising the levels of things like collagen within the patient’s body. Others are meant to do more for the surface than for the deeper layers, and the surface lasers are extra popular because they produce results that can be seen right away.

Another common skincare option in a clinic is to undergo radio frequency treatment. That involves measuring the treatment area, applying a cooling cream or lotion to it, and using a specific tool to bombard the area with radio frequency waves that heat and cool the skin.

Other collagen production-inducing clinical skincare treatments include intense pulsed light (IPL) and ultrasound treatment, which sometimes goes by the clinical name “Ultherapy.” They all work in ways that are very similar, but yet different enough that you might prefer one type of treatment over another.

Coming Up with the Best Way to Tighten Your Skin

If you want to find the best way to tighten your skin then you need to create a game plan, and every good game plan requires the help of a coach. In this case your “coach” should be a dermatologist or trained skincare clinician, assuming you are only dealing with moderate skin sags. If your skin issues are severe enough then you should get some advice from a plastic surgeon who is specifically trained in how to correct your skin problems.

You Should Have Realistic Expectations of Nonsurgical Treatment

If the expert you consult says that you are a candidate for surgery, great. But if not then you need to have a realistic understanding of how the nonsurgical skincare methods work and what to expect from them. Most of them are not one time quick fixes.

The truth is that nonsurgical skincare procedures that require you to invest time and money in them repeatedly in order to obtain and maintain the appearance that you want. So, you should never expect the results of nonsurgical skincare treatments to be easily visible right away or last permanently. But as long as you know that and are willing to stay on top of the task of keeping your skin healthy they can go a long way towards helping you reach and maintain that goal.

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