Time to re-visit the natural deodorant?

If you tried a natural deodorant years ago, but didn’t stick with it, I urge you to try again – they’ve come a long way! And, new from Wild, is the sweetest natural deodorant you ever did smell!

Wild is, as you may expect, is free from all the things that have concerned some consumers over in recent years such as Aluminium Salts, Parabens and Phthalates, but it is also Vegan, 100% eco-friendly and delivered straight through your letterbox!

Let’s be honest, I’d say most people like the idea of a natural deodorant but in practice have hated the sweaty and sometimes “unfresh” feeling associated with natural deodorants (and the faff with some of them – needing to wet them before use or only applying at night etc). Well, Wild ask you to give them a 2-week settling in period to help change your mind, and that’s what we did!

When I say ‘we’, I actually mean my very hormonal 13-year-old daughter. She won’t mind me saying that she is quite a sweater! (She might mind a bit, sorry darling!). She has tried many different, quite strong deodorants in the past year, few have curbed the sweating, but in turn, the drying effect on her skin has caused her to start getting quite painful ingrown hairs under her arms.

Daughter tried the Limited-Edition Lemon Meringue Pie scent (which tbh, I thought might be very zesty and perhaps sickly – it wasn’t) it has a beautiful, soft and very fresh smell to it. Her first reaction when she applied the deodorant was “Oooh!”, it glides on so smoothly and comfortably, no dragging, no stickiness and no wet feeling. You do not need to wait for it to dry as such, but you do need to be careful when getting dressed – it can leave slight marks on dark clothes (although I think my daughter may have been applying too much and it doesn’t stain your clothes – no aluminium salts means no yellow stains on clothes).

After the promised 2 weeks of exclusive use, her underarms are transformed – the skin is so soft, there are zero ingrown hairs and the redness from previous ingrown has almost entirely disappeared! She doesn’t stay entirely dry throughout the day, but she does stay fresh ALL day.

As for the verdict, in her words; “I will use Wild every day because it feels and smells so much nicer but on the days that I have dance or PE I am going to use my old one because I sweat less with it”

And from a sometimes stroppy, oftentimes sweaty, very hormonal teen, I think that is a huge thumbs up!

Wild refills from £5 and initial purchase of the deodorant case is £7 (a choice of colours is available).

Limited Edition Lemon Meringue Pie available while stocks last.


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