NO.162: When facial self-tan clings to spots and dry patches…

Yes this is a (semi)big 1st World Problem, you apply your trusty fake tan or have a lovely spray tan to make yourself look all glowy and healthy, then wake up the following day looking like you’ve had brown paint splattered on your face. The fake tan has clung to every tiny little skin imperfection on your face and nestled its way into your pores, giving you some seriously bad looking blackheads. Not the desired effect at all.

This problem has never put me off from using fake tan on my face, but it has caused my tanning regime to become (imo) necessarily strategic, i.e. NEVER the night before a big event!

Well, here’s the solution; Swiss Clinic Self-Tan Drops and Hydrating Self-Tan Pads. They are amazing! I think the pads are my favourites; applied over your regular skincare products at night, the Pillow Proof Formulation is a miracle and the colour that develops is so beautiful! No orange, no ‘grubbiness’ just lovely glowing skin! I was warned I’d get addicted, and this was true from the very first time of trying them! They are not just pillow proof, they are 100% fool proof.

The Self-Tan Drops are just as easy to use, this time you just had a few drops to your regular moisturiser or apply ‘neat’ to the skin in the morning. The drops can give a slightly more intense colour if you want it (depending on how many drops you use) and still just as natural and lovely looking! Packed full of antioxidants, the Self-Tan Drops treat and protect the skin, no clogged pores or dry dark patches here!

These are the best of this type of product I have come across, and just in time for summer too- no sun required!

Swiss Clinic Hydrating Self-Tan Pads, £24. Swiss Clinic Self-Tan Drops, £29.

Both products also offered in a set currently on sale at £45,

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