The question I and every other beauty journo/blogger/enthusiast is consistently asked is, what products/ingredients will actually make an improvement to my skin? Especially when it comes to gaining that glow.

The answer is simple: Cleanse well (but gently), use an antioxidant (i.e vitamin C) and apply spf (mineral, ideally) every day. It really is that simple, as long as your vitamin C is efficient at penetrating the skin and has a stable shelf life….. yes, this part is not quite so simple without guidance.

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, which means it can start to dissipate as soon as it meets the atmosphere (as in, as soon as you open the bottle) it can also struggle to get to where it is needed without a careful delivery system – rendering it useless. Vitamin C, mixed with the wrong ingredients can also become very irritating to the skin, totally defeating the objective (it has a tricky relationship with AHAs for example). However, when formatted correctly, it is a godsend to the skin, and the brightening, pigment-fighting and anti-ageing benefits are undeniable.

One such brand that has created a beautiful vitamin C range is Korres. Not only is the vitamin C great, but the Greek pharmacist founder of Korres has also combined it with another of my favourite, anti-ageing skincare ingredients, wild rose.

This is a full range of 12 products with a choice of different textures and formulas to suit your skincare needs and preferences. The hero product of the range has to be the award-winning Advanced Brightening Bi-Phase booster. The 2 phases consist of 5x clinical efficacy 15% Super Vitamin C, and a powerful dark spot reduction complex to reduce pigmentation marks. The combination of these 2 phases gives rapid and long-term brightening and skin-tone-evening results on the complexion, as well as working on fine lines and wrinkles. Shake well before use to mix the 2 phases and press a few drops into the face, neck and decollate am and pm, the watery consistency feels ever so slightly sticky on the skin (as expected with a Vitamin C product) but it is not irritating, and all other skincare products glide on easily over the top. The booster should be the first product you apply after cleansing/toning everyday to give you that antioxidant protection, you would then apply serum (optional), eye cream, moisturiser (optional but advised) and last spf. It seems like a lot but when layered correctly, it is a perfect cocktail to protect and beautify the complexion (and this layering could help deter you from over-using individual products too, which is a major cause of breakouts).

The brightening effects really do present themselves quickly! Some people say within one week – I noticed a change by week two but like any skincare product, the true results start to be seen after one month of use. Vitamin C isn’t always tolerated well by all skins (especially highly sensitive skin) but with the soothing quality of the wild rose and the gentle consistency of these products, and the onset of summer (we hope) I would strongly advise anyone who has reacted badly to Vitamin C in the past, to give Korres a whirl!

Available at Marks & Spencer and Look Fantastic, Prices from £22.00.

Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Bi-Phase Booster, £46.00

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