Neutrogena Hyaluronic Heroes

Ok, so it’s January, officially the most miserable month of the year. We need to make the pay  cheque from the 20th December last until the 29th of January…everyone is on a diet, going to the gym and talking about “ a new year, a  new me” when most of us just want to himer down, eat carbs under a blanket and  hibernate until July.

But here’s the thing…my skin took a hammering from all the late nights and the drinking champagne at 11am (let’s not even discuss my Christmas tradition of eating a chocolate orange for breakfast on Xmas morning!) I will always choose the path of least resistance and if there’s one thing I’m gonna do in January it’s gonna be to show my skin a little tlc…enter Neutrogena and their Hyaluronic Heroes…my fave of this range is the Hydrogel Recovery Mask (trust me I need this) but the Hydroboost Water Gel is also tops as is the cleanser in the same range.

I’m sorely tempted to try the Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum Supercharged Booster, a super hero name for a super hero range if ever there was one…so remember, baby steps it is with this whole new year, new me stuff,  one thing at a time so  start with the mask.

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