Lumity Night Supplements and Skin Gym Pro Ice Roller

Brand new to Lumity is their Night Supplements and Skin Gym Pro Ice Roller.

First up is their Night Supplements. Designed to reduce tiredness, help you relax and reduce feelings of stress, you can take 1-2 capsules daily. Suitable for use alongside their Day & Night Supplements- which here at SN we’ve loved for years- the new vegan formula also has high quality functional ingredients. These include manganese to support the nervous system, magnesium for a deeply restorative sleep, anti-inflammatory turmeric, vitamin d3, pumpkin seed oil and holy basil.

We found these Night Supplements definitely enable a sleep which comes more easily, and a better night overall without disturbances. Packaged in a slimline pouch for easy, compact storage, for the £37 price tag, each buy gets you two pouches and 28 capsules. Ideal for regaining control of sleeping patterns, particularly at a highly stressed time, just a few capsules in and we noticed a calming difference. Scientifically created for those who specifically struggle with sleep, the results show and we’ve been really enjoying some extra slumber.

Next up, the Skin Gym Pro Ice Roller (£35), which is a really fun and efficient skincare tool. You can use this alone or alongside light and enriching Lumity’s Facial Oil. A professional grade ice roller, pop in the fridge or freezer for at least 15 minutes to get that optimum de-puffing temperature. Aiding lymphatic drainage at a cellular level, start at your nose and smooth over your face working outwards. It feels very cold at first, as expected, but you do get used to the sensation. Sweep under your eyes, letting the roller sit there and work its anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory magic for a minute. Then roll across your forehead, until it warms.

The roller provides a quick and easy pick-me-up which efficiently soothes sore, inflamed skin while also refreshing and revitalising. Our skin looked way perkier after the first trial, and even more so, with continued use over a month. It’s an all-rounder than removes the facial tension if you’re feeling stressed too. We like to pair with the aforementioned Facial Oil (£60), for an express at-home facial, before our relaxing bedtime routine and super snooze with the Night Supplements.

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