Jo Malone London – The Bloomsbury Set

There is hardly anything more inspiring than the English countryside — The Bloomsbury group, comprised of some of the most influential philosophers, artists, writers and intellectuals of our time — most certainly thought so.

Spending much of their time at and still calling the Charleston Farmhouse home to many of their works, quintessential British perfume house Jo Malone has encapsulated the essence of the fantastically artistic group and their ever-inspiring surroundings at Charleston House. Master perfumer and creator of the five limited-edition scents Yann Vasnier visited the farmhouse in the English countryside, explaining, “When I was there I made a storyline in my head from morning to afternoon to evening, so the  five fragrances have a natural evolution. What I particularly loved about The Bloomsbury Set was the juxtaposition of domesticity and simplicity with this hugely intellectual environment.” 

The bright Blue Hyacinth features notes of bold blue hyacinth, balanced with the vibrancy geraniums and warmth of woody vetiver; Tobacco & Mandarin strikes a dazzling balance between energetic mandarin and herbaceous sage, and is sweetened with the warm elegance of beeswax sweet pipe tobacco; Whisky & Cedarwood boasts an enigmatic blend of fine whisky, opulent roses, spicy pimento, warm cedarwood and an intriguing accord of waxy wooden oors; Leather & Artemisia offers an anise-tinged absinthe blend of aromatic artemisia, soft orriswood, and the deep richness of leather, which is further enhanced by the amber woody notes of Cypriol; and lastly, Garden Lilies bottles the scent of dawn at the lily pond, and captures the effervescence of water lilies, dewy green sap and lush ylang ylang. The only thing more beautiful than the intoxicating scents themselves are the bottles the juices are housed in — each bottle is decorated with abstract colour-blocked paint strokes, further exemplifying the artistic nature of each scent. 

The Bloomsbury Set is available March 5 at 

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