Charlotte Tilbury Launches Brand New The Icons Collection

Launching this March, Charlotte Tilbury present their brand new The Icons collection.

Comprising an incredible eyeshadow Icon Palette (£55) and Latex Love liquid lipsticks (£24 each), these limited-edition beauty buys are set to completely transform your makeup bag.

Focusing on makeup being a form of self-empowerment, the idea behind this collection is that not only do you feel more confident wearing it, but also the world will react to your aura in a more positive way.  And from a very positive viewpoint, I can tell you that this is the best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used.

The palette is broken down into three colours per look, with four looks to try. With prime, enhance and smoke options, the highly pigmented shades are not only easy to apply, but also create a beautiful wow factor which stays put for hours. I am seriously impressed- and was excited to use it again this morning.

Inspired by icon looks from stars such as David Bowie vibrant cobalt blue, to Marilyn Monroe’s classic red lip, Cleopatra’s jade green eyeliner is as relevant to the collection as modern icons such as Salma Hayek’s seductive power and Naomi Campbell’s statement glamour. The looks covered are day, date, diva and disco eyes, but you can of course combine colours for your own take.

Shimmering champagne shades are joined by pink hues, and charcoal black. Plus, you can add water for a stunning silk-veil effect. An integral well-sized mirror makes for touch-ups on the go, should you be switching your day to disco looks after work or while travelling.

Onto those luscious lips now, and the Latex Love liquid lipsticks, which are available in six shades. From a rose-pink blush Berry Nude to the coral Cannes Tropez or electric red Studio 64, these beautifully bright lip products offer a soft mirror shine to accentuate your pout. Easy to wear and rich in emollient oils, lips are softened at the same time.

As Charlotte herself says, “I can’t wait for you to try my naughtiest lip yet”. And neither can we. (Insert kissing pout emojis here)

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