Career Tips for Hair Stylist

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Being a hairstylist, you are expected to shampoo, trim, bleach and style hair of your customers. But, the job is not limited to that. The hairstylists are expected to analyze the hair of his/her customer, to recommend best style and treatment, and most importantly, educate their customers about the latest fashion. One must also provide relevant information about trendy hair products, and can even sell them to earn some bucks.

To be a hairstylist takes more than just trimming the hair. Like all other careers, hair stylist jobs need passion, consistency and shear hard work to excel in it.

Following are the time-tested tips from the top hairstylists that can help you take a giant leap in your hairstyling profession:

  1. Foundation is the key:

Proper education is a must prerequisite to be an expert in any skill. What is learned in the book, must be practically implemented later in order to be a master in a skill. Same follows for the hair stylists. First of all they should know how to cut hairs, and cut them properly. They must know different hair styles and how they fit a particular face type. They must have in their knowledge popular beauticians and beauty products, so they can better recommend their customers. To know the technical side of hairstyling is its foundation, all other things only adds to it.

  1. Commit to continuing education:

Information and inspiration are all around you and every experience can enrich you. Look around; remain constantly aware of the world. You never know what you might pick up from a random photo, the style of a passerby or even a casual chat. With the passage of time new and innovative things or styles are arriving in the market, so one have to go with the flow. Hairstylists can educate themselves about all the varieties in this business via internet because internet is the best source of getting information about any specific topic. We can get inspiration all over internet which will be very vital for us in getting along in beautician world. We must be constantly aware of the changes that are occurring in the world. You never know what sort of information you can get from a teeny tiny image or any textual data so basically you have to be ready of getting any type of information that might help us in future.

  1. You attract what you project.

If you project energy and a great attitude, and you cultivate great technical skills; plus, you’ll always have lots of interesting clients and a solid business. If you have a great personality your potential for growth will increase.

  1. Market yourself:

You are fundamentally the biggest marketer of yourself, Period. It means that you can attract the audience as better as you advertise your work to the target audience. You have to technically educate them about the skills that you acquire so that your business can flourish on a larger scale. By doing this you can reach out to most of the clients who are willing to become your clients and can pay you enough money that can help you in doing progress. This will help in developing your personality and you can be potentially strong for facing different challenges or competitions. All in All, this will help you a lot in making growth.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes:

If something turns out a bit shorter or longer or redder than you intended, figure out why, learn from it and move forward. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes because you always learn from your mistakes. Mistakes make you a better person and in coming future you can restrict yourself from doing that same mistakes all again. If you are setting up your client hairs and something went wrong which wasn’t in your plan then you don’t have to panic and try to figure it out how to resolve that issue. Our whole life is a learning stage so we have to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

  1. Figure out your audience:

We need to first figure out our target audience that we are going to focus because it will be highly beneficial for us. We have to mostly focus on youngsters because they are always eager in getting modern and innovative hair styles. The kids from age group 15-25 always try to follow style and fashion done by the celebrities from different fields i.e. Football, Cricket, Media Industry etc. So technically we must have to learn all the modern haircuts and beard styles that’s how we can impress our clients.  We have to learn how to give better face massages and facials.  Customise your work. It doesn’t matter how flawless or exquisite a haircut is if it’s not on the right person. It’s important to understand the aesthetics of your work so the hair suits the client’s facial features and shape, bone structure, complexion, body type and personal style.

  1. Be professional, the rest will take care of itself:

You need to have a strong grip on your work and you must do it in a professional way. Being a professional hairdresser you must have the information about most of the haircut styles but you have to recommend your customers the best style which suits on their personality. You have to study the structure of the client’s face so that you can suggest him the better haircut style for him. You must be willing to work in all circumstances whether there is a holiday, a festival or weekend because your first priority is your client and his satisfaction. You must have to be committed to your work and your client. You need to be critical while doing haircut.

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