p-rw_serumcleanser_packaging_a4_rgbMeet the new generation in natural skincare….

Natural skincare brands have left us quite divided in the past, from devotees to no-thank-you-ees, depending on where your ‘ethics over performance’ barometer lay. Well, finally, we don’t have to choose between the two any longer- natural brands have brought their A-game to market!

Romilly Wilde is one of the most exciting new-generation natural brands to come out of the fold; they aren’t interested in token natural ingredients- they use serious ‘mother’ actives and oils that nourish your skin at a molecular, cellular level. All products are designed to boost your skin’s metabolism from first use to energise your skin’s cells and synthesise elastin and collagen production. Basically, this means, it helps our skin to behave and function like ‘young’ skin.

What makes Romilly Wilde ‘new generation’ is the use of ‘plant survivors’; these are plants that survive in extreme environments. To survive these environments, they learn to hold on to the ‘mother cell’, it is this cell that triggers life-giving energy to skin cells and optimises cellular function. It’s the healthy equivalent to an espresso shot for the cells and just as addictive! With the gorgeous scent and the beautiful, silky texture, I was hooked after just 1 use!

p-bbSpeaking of which; scent is a vital part of their line with every product smelling divine to enhance therapeutic qualities, so it is no surprise the perfume in the range, Idle, has already gained a cult following. Idle compliments the notes in the skincare and becomes an extension of you, the scent alters on every person making it a truly bespoke fragrance.

Another new generation brand to look out for is Bjork and Berries, they too play on the sensory experience having developed 3 natural perfumes alongside the beautifully (and softly) scented range, with their in-house perfumers. Also sourcing their ingredients from wildly grown herbs, plants and berries (although, this time only from Scandinavia) Bjork and Berries aim to use the least ingredients possible to gain maximum results- a fantastic concept for sensitives skins and allergy sufferers.

They have dubbed themselves an ecoluxury skincare brand as they use a stringent ecoluxury checklist before approval, whereby each product must be; natural, organic, clinically safe, free from parabens – additives – artificial colours – SLS – silicone, cruelty free and they must all be tested by dermatologic and ophthalmologic regulatory institutes where necessary. Phew! Natural brands really have come a long way and finally we can all claim to be ‘natural beauties’!

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