There’s a big disclaimer here; I am now associated with Réduit – mostly because I am a greedy, beauty obsessive that just cannot let a good brand pass me by. And when I say “good”, I mean absolutely phenomenal.

For those of you who have read my features over the years (I thank you!) you will know that I can get really excited over great treatments and products (a special shout out to you again, Venn – my favourite find of 2020) and sometimes I get a bit bossy over it all too. Basically, I love beauty. Like really, really.

Part of that love makes me want to know, learn and research as much about the skin, products and treatments as possible. Some of it makes me want to try every product and treatment on the market (currently a work in progress), but sometimes it means that I fall so head-over-heels in love with a brand that I have to get myself involved – which is where I find myself now.

Anyway, back to the products and the reason I have been so bowled over by them; Réduit (meaning ‘Reduce’ in French) is not only the ethical and sustainable choice I have been looking for (less packaging, less waste, recyclable) but it is also the multi-targeted, easy to layer and effective skincare solution that my skin has been crying out for.

Réduit consists of an applicator device and a choice of ‘regular’ or LED pods of pure active ingredients to target skin and also hair concerns (in fact, I think Réduit are the only devices made to target both skin and hair issues). The pods are just 5ml in size, yet are the equivalent to 100ml-200ml of a regular product – this is because, not only does the applicator negate the need for binders, emulsifiers and water (used in regular products to help with absorption) but also because each pod contains tiny nanoparticles of active ingredients which really pack a punch. As consumers, we are more product savvy than ever before, and it is now fairly common knowledge that most of the ‘good stuff’ in a product is at the lower end of the ingredients list (the lower on the list, the less % there is in the product) but it is this good stuff that will give us the results we desire. Beauty brands are not short-changing us by doing this (well, most of them anyway) it just needed to be this way to create a stable product with shelf-life, which is able to absorb effectively into the skin. Unfortunately, it is more often than not, these binders and emulsifiers which will aggravate some skins. Well, Réduit has spun this process completely on its head.

The pods contain all the familiar ingredients that we know, love and have been proven to work (niacinamide, amino acids, antioxidants etc) but with the combination of the nanoparticle size and the magnetic-misting of the ingredients via the applicator (which, btw, feels so lovely!) the active ingredients move straight to the heart of the problem to work their magic – picture it like a vitamin drip going direct to source! I believe it is down to this delivery system that makes the results so visible, so quickly – I honestly can’t remember the last time my skin was this hydrated and dewy (maybe just before I discovered the joys of late-night partying?).

The 6 skinpods are; Clean Vapor, £28.90, a deep but gentle extra cleanse for congested areas – it really helps to deep clean the pores without drying out the skin, Hydro Boost, £28.90 a hydrating shot of loveliness – I especially love using it around my eyes and on my lips for plumpy hydration, Clear Dew, £37.90 the best spot zapper and blackhead clearer I have ever come across, with the added benefit of calming the redness in the skin too – an absolute miracle worker, Ageless Mist, £37.90, your anti-age remedy minus the heavy-product feeling, Pearl Diffusion, £37.90 a favourite – this one fights pigmentation and uneven skin-tone for pearl perfection (definitely use it over your décolleté too) and last, Precision Shield, £28.90 this is your weightless, invisible shield to protect your gorgeous skin from environmental aggressors – including blue light from screens. The LED pods are the same formulas except with (of course) added LED benefits which correspond to the skin issue you are treating – for example, antibacterial blue LED with the Clear Dew pod or collagen boosting red LED with the Anti-Ageing pod.

Each pod can be layered with any others you feel your skin needs, in any order or with any of your usual favourite products. Don’t think of them as serums or moisturisers, they are simply, skincare and you can use them however you wish – you literally cannot get it wrong! Just don’t overuse each product, it’s a waste! A quick, light mist over the face is all you need.

Réduit simplifies your skincare routine; application is lighter (layer until your heart is content – you will not clog your pores with these tiny particles) kinder and more hygienic because it is totally fingertip-free! Throw in the incredible skincare results and we have ourselves a winner. Ladies and Gentlemen, the future is here!

The new Réduit UNI applicator (for hair and skin pods) is now available exclusively at Cult Beauty

Réduit UNI, £89, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

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