What a difference a day (cream) makes

How’s your skin looking after the festive season? Mine is not so hot. I had a case of mulled wine acne for the first two weeks of January, and now the temperature has dropped, I’m all dry and tight feeling around the face area.

What’s a woman to do? It’s all about a good moisturiser for me right now, so I’m dipping into these pots of loveliness until spring comes. Check out my top five winter day creams.

First up is the wonderfully fancy sounding Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème (£35) from Aveda. This ticks more boxes than I even have: it’s super hydrating so perfect for that stripped, cold-wind skin we all get in January, but it’s non-acnegenic and suits all skin types. And the texture is just gorgeous, comforting without being too rich.


From Urban Veda (check out this fantastic purse-friendly Ayurvedic brand) is Reviving Day Cream (£18.99). This is my go-to when I need a pick-me-up on a dark morning – the antioxidant packed, deliciously rose scented cream makes you feel like you’ve been for a facial rather than staggered out of the house in the dark wondering how long it is until spring.


This week’s luxe buy is from my new brand crush Ananné. From Switzerland, Ananné uses ingredients from both the earth and the sea, along with medical research into absorption that ensures these ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin. Equilibrium Day Cream for Normal Skin (£100) is just a joy. My skin seems to slurp it up, burp loudly and say thank you, as all the gorgeous oils (sea buckthorn, rosehip, jojoba, tea tree, to name but a few) do their job of balancing out my upset complexion. Gorgeous.


From Green People, who I can’t get enough of these days, is their new Age Defy+ 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser (£36). This bad boy has no less than 33 actives to reduce hyperpigmentation, increase hydration and cell metabolism and deliver hydration by the bucket load. January may be dull, but your face doesn’t need to match.

Green People

Finally, from Elemis is Hydra Boost Day Cream (£38), which came out last year. This is what I pick when I need to know I won’t be left feeling leathery come 3pm – hyaluronic acid locks in moisture so that your skin feels plump and hydrated all day.







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