This way to the powder room

I’m talking powders, but not of the makeup variety. No, this week, I am all over powder cleansers, which are currently a ‘thing’. Already big in the Far East, they’ve become fashionable over here of late… but not just because they’re different.

With a powder, you have control over the consistency of your cleanser so when you mix the powder with water in the palm of your hand to use it, you can add enough to create a foamy/creamy cleanser, or you can make it a bit firmer and voila, you have an exfoliator. And because ingredients like alcohol and preservatives aren’t necessary in the formulation, powder cleansers are often gentler on the skin than their damper counterparts. Fancy giving one a try? Here’s my top five.

First up is from the wonderful organic brand Éminence. Strawberry Rhubarb Dermofoliant (£35) comes in a gorgeous shaker that reminds me of the talc you used to get flour-bombed with after you had a bath in the 1970s. It contains rice, chickpea flour and thermal mud but smells of strawberries and makes your skin look bright as a button.


From bareMinerals is Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser (£19), which is a really hard working little number. It gently exfoliates as it cleanses, thanks to the fabulously earthy sounding ActiveSoil Complex. Frothy and light rather than grainy, it’s gentle enough to use every day, morning and night.


My purse-friendly powder is from Japanese brand DHC. Face Wash Powder (£9) makes it sound quite dull, but it’s not. Mixed with water, it forms a lovely lather that gently exfoliates the skin using enzymes rather than grains, while honey hydrates and lavender calms.


My go-to if my skin is misbehaving is Transforming Powder from Murad (£25). This water-activated powder contains bio-enzymes to ‘digest’ surface oil, dirt and dead skin cells while dissolving beads smooth and soften skin. A great way to exfoliate when you’re having a break-out and don’t want to aggravate skin.


Finally, something very fancy from Mizon. This is a South Korean brand that needs some serious checking out. The range is full of unusual formulas from bee venom to snail slime via egg white – but it’s really well-priced. Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder (£10) is a mix of two powders that form a carbonated sink full of water to brighten and refresh tired skin. Amazing.






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