Refresh Your Head

StyleNest’s resident Beauty Bird, Eleanor Tucker teaches us a thing or two about spring cleaning your haircare regime.

Now the clocks are about to go forward, my hair really needs to come out of ‘hat hibernation’. I’ve been using a beanie to hide a multitude of sins, but now it’s time to spring clean my haircare regimen and add some new season oomph to my tresses. Are you in?

Central heating, cold winds, a lack of interest in going to the hairdresser – it’s all been conspiring to make my head look like it has an unwanted visitor on top. So I’ve picked a bunch of new products to bring my crown back to its glory for the warmer months. Here they are.

First up is my new favourite shampoo: Argan & Amalaki Shampoo (£9.95), a new product from Fushi. Packed to the brim with Ayurvedic herbs and argan oil (which has always seemed to agree with my hair), it smells herbal but posh and doesn’t lather up in an ‘SLS’ way – but enough to feel you’re getting clean.

Fushi hair product

Now for a hardworking conditioner. This one way outperforms its price tag: new Lavera Organic Repair and Care Intense Treatment (£6.95). It smells delicious (that’ll be the extracts of organic rose) and is just the right amount of rich on my parched post-winter locks. A real find.

Lavera hair product

For the weekend, I’ve picked a masque I can leave on longer, from Original & Mineral, an Australian brand new to the UK. Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque (£26) promises to leave my hair ‘deeply moved with its unique blend of Australian native oils’. I’m not sure about ‘moved’, but it was so dramatically silkier that it felt like someone else’s.

Original & Mineral hair product

Post-wash, I like an oil, squeezed onto sopping wet hair before I wrap it in a towel – it seems to seal in that moisture. Aveda’s new Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil (£17.50) is perfect for this: no greasiness, just a power-packed palm-full of drops that busts dry ends and gets you ready for styling.

Aveda dry oil bottle

And finally, a wonderful little extra to my routine from new brand Hairy Jayne, the brainchild of a ‘geeky’ hairdresser from Brixton. She’s created Hair Perfume with Heat Protection (£9) in a choice of Floral, Citrus, or Musk. Don’t worry, it’s not like spraying perfume on your hair, that would be horrible. This is a fabulous freshener for day-old locks, and also works as a heat protector when blow-drying. A new busy (but hot) mum essential.

Hairy Jayne hair perfume in a bottle

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