Ready, steady, glow

Well, that’s Halloween done and dusted, and if we are to believe the powers that be, we should now be joyfully counting down to Christmas like our lives depend on it. Personally, I can’t help wondering why we can’t just enjoy November, that poor, neglected month of the year.

However, that’s not to say I haven’t got half an eye on the impending ‘party season’ as it’s known. So I’m upping the facial exfoliation ante a little bit in the hope of emerging, polished and ready to take on all that Prosecco in style. Here are my top five new buffers on the block. Are you in?

First up is a very exciting new product from my brand crush Elemental Herbology. Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream (£55) is an overnight exfoliator that contains Plant C-Stem and natural AHAs from apples, sugar and milk. Sounds yummy, and the effect on your skin certainly is: noticeably improved clarity and plumpness. And the great thing about it is, it goes on like an unctuous night cream. You shall go to the ball.

Elemental Herbology

Next is a great new dullness buster from Murad. Skin Smoothing Polish (£27) contains hazel and cinnamon extract and is wonderfully gunky and scrubby without feeling too harsh. This is my go-to when my skin needs a serious wake-up call. (OK, when I’ve had too much of the old Pinot Noir the night before).


From Organic Surge is my purse-friendly choice: Perfecting Face Polish (£6.99), which contains finely ground olive stones for their graininess and rosemary and lemon essential oils to purify the skin. Perfect if you’re feeling a bit bumpy and greasy, if you know what I mean.

Organic Surge

Green People just keeping wowing me with their new launches and Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator (£19.95) is the latest. It’s a peach: beautifully scented, and with 24 actives including neroli, orange, Roman chamomile and red mandarin, and free from marine-damaging plastic microbeads.

Green People

And finally, from Grown Alchemist comes Polishing Facial Exfoliant with Pink Grapefruit & Glucomannan Extract (£40). It’s neither cheap nor snappily named, but it’s a corker. Smells aromatic and posh, has lots of very small grainy bits, but it also has a slight lather and is light enough to use every day as a cleanser. This Christmas, nobody will be calling me dull.

Grown Alchemist

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