On the run

I’m a closet runner. I’ve been doing it for about five years but you won’t see my Strava updates on Facebook, and don’t expect me to become your running buddy. It’s mainly because I’m quite bad at it, with a style similar to Phoebe in Friends. I just do it so I can eat more cake and drink more wine.

Recently, I’ve realised there are a few things in the product and clothing department that can make my running a little easier and more pleasurable. So I thought I’d share with you my current ‘kit’, if you could call it that. Sincere apologies to anyone who has just run a marathon. My runs are always in single figures.

First up is my new favourite thing – The FlipBelt (£25). This is just genius. You fill the pull-on, stretchy belt’s many pockets with your keys, phone, money, tissues, even a drinks pouch, then flip it over, and the way that it is stretched over your waist or hips stops any of it falling out or even bouncing around. I am finally hands-free.


I also use StyleEasy Black WonderBands (£3.50), waterproof silicone headbands. They’re perfect for sweaty old hair as they don’t go weird when wet and nor do they snag or get tangled up. Cheap as chips, too.

Talking of sweaty old hair, I get a really itchy scalp, particularly on the back of my neck where my (now quite short) ponytail hangs down. So after a long run I love a bit of Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner (£8/£19) post wash just to ease that irritated feeling. It contains Witch Hazel and is so cooling on my hot post-exercise head.

Philip Kingsley

While we’re talking showers, I’ll tell you about my favourite post-run shower gel. It’s Murad Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser (£30). It’s light and lathery so you feel like you’re getting your sweaty body all clean, but it also contains white clay to draw out impurities and gently exfoliate, and ginger root extract to stimulate circulation.


And finally, a kit, I love a kit. This is brand new from Mio: Run Faster (£18.50, coming later in the month). It contains Clean Slate Swipes for a quick freshen up (they fit in your FlipBelt, yay!), Liquid Yoga for a lovely soak in the tub and Workout Wonder to cool aching muscles. Love.






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