Not a dry eye in the house

Spring is finally here, but thanks to the snow and wind none of us will be turning off the central heating any time soon. The downside of months of dry air in the house is, for me, dry eyes. And I don’t just mean dryness inside my eyes, which makes them sore and itchy, I mean dry skin around the eye area too.

Thankfully I’ve got a five-point plan for sorting out those troublesome post-winter peepers. Follow this regimen and there won’t be a dry eye in the house…

First up is from Liz Earle. Her Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (£13.25) is a great start to the day when you wake up with eyes so dry they feel like they won’t even open. It contains witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower and it really refreshes first thing. I use it before I even put the kettle on and that’s saying something.

Liz Earle

After cleansing, I’ve been using Dr David Jack Refine Intensive Eye Serum (£69) to bust that crepey nonsense you get when you’ve got dryness in the eye area. This super light cream contains almond oil and lactic acid to resurface and smooth and I noticed a difference in just days. Makeup sits nicely on top too so ideal for the morning.

Dr David Jack

And what about that makeup? I’ve been finding all my usual concealers and primers for the eye area look cakey on my dry peepers. Until I got hold of Dry Eye Concealer (£11.95), which corrects dry, red and flaky skin around the eyes while calming the skin at the same time – with the help of Biolin, a prebiotic which provides damaged skin with healthy skin flora to help repair the skin barrier.

Dry Eye Concealer

Out and about, I’ve been keeping a cheeky little bottle of eye drops in my bag, namely Hycosan Fresh (£8.99). This is a lubricating eye drop for irritated or mild dry eye. And what I love is that it comes in a dispenser that just gives you one drop, so you don’t get that dribble down your cheek that wrecks your makeup. Lovely.


Finally, in the evening, I’ve been going for Elemis Pro-Definition Lip & Eye Contour Cream (£62), a rich cream perfect for when you’re not wearing eye makeup. It plumps and firms thin, dry skin around the eyes and – bonus – you can use it on your lips too.


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