Let it grow

What is it with my hair these days? Recently I was looking at some photos of myself pre-children and noticing how long and lovely my locks used to be. So it’s clearly to do with age and hormones – but also, at this time of year, a less healthy diet and good old central heating don’t help either.

Apart from a regimen of killer products (I’ll be talking hair masques in a couple of weeks), I’ve decided to reach next spring without being completely bald by investing in some supplements designed specifically with healthy hair in mind. Here’s the shopping list I’ve been researching.

First up is from hair expert Philip Kingsley. What this man doesn’t know about growth cycles is not worth knowing. PK4 HAIR (£25) contains soya protein, a source of essential amino acids that are the building blocks of keratin. I like keratin in my blow-dry sprays so I’m excited to see the results of this one.

Philip Kingsley

From the beautifully packaged Inner Me comes Pro Hair (£15) which contains MSM, the nutritional form of sulphur and an essential component in the formation of keratin – as well as silica to repair and trace minerals selenium, zinc and the B vitamin biotin, which in combination promote cell growth. Sounds impressive.

Inner Me

From Nurture is Hair & Hail Strengthener Nutritional Supplement (£8.95). This goes for the sulphur and silica combination too, with the addition of a range of B-complex vitamins, to help healthy cell formation in both hair and nails, as well as natural oils (including apricot kernel oil) to boost hair texture and shine.


New Nordic Hair Volume (£24.99) is big in Sweden apparently and contains micronutrients and apple extract, which is rich in good old procyanidin B2. Add to the mix biotin, zinc and copper and you’ve got all the things I probably don’t get from my diet.

New Nordic

Finally, I really like the look of Wassen Silica-OK, this week’s purse-friendly option at just £7.79. The organic silica in it is from a natural source: an edible species of bamboo, and it’s suitable for vegetarians.


The plan is to get my lovely long hair back by next simmer, so I’ll be trying these one after another and will report back on the pick of the bunch. Luscious locks, here I come. Are you with me?





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