Do The Legwork

January is nearly over, can you believe it? And my new exercise regimen has so far involved a lot of thinking about going out for a run, and then a lot of looking out of the window and deciding it is too dark/wet/January-ish. Can anyone relate?

However, I have decided that I am definitely getting back into it next week, so I have stocked up on some products to ease the inevitable agonising leg pains that will be thoroughly deserved having not put on my trainers for two months. There were mince pies to eat, OK?

I am a little bit in love with Air-Lite (£60) from Legology, the brain child of Kate Shapland – beauty editor, all round lovely person and most importantly, leg expert. This wonderfully scented dream of a cream doesn’t just address swelling and achiness, it hydrates and tones too. A real multi-tasker – and indeed a new bathroom essential. Can’t wait to see what else Legology has in store.

LegologyMy obsession with Origins continues thanks to Leg Lifts (£22), which reminds me of a leg version of the ‘No Puffery’ eye gel that I now can’t get out of bed without using. It contains menthol, cypress, peppermint and cedarwood, and is a great one after a long day shopping or running after the kids, as well as post-run.

Origins Product Shots

The Mama Mio gang’s new venture, Mio, is a kind of ‘fitness’ skincare brand. Workout Wonder (£21) is a muscle gel designed specifically to either boost limbs pre workout, or eases muscles afterwards. Thanks to extracts of arnica, horse chestnut and spearmint, it smells all deliciously herbal and kind of like you are doing Good Things To Yourself.

Mama Mio

Thalgo knows a thing or two about bodycare and their answer to aching pins comes in the shape of Gel For Feather-Light Legs (£27.20). This is a great cooler – and one I’ll probably keep for when the weather is a bit warmer. Immediately sorts that horrible ‘hot-trainer-foot’ feeling and ideal for desk drawers when the heatwave comes. Which will be soon. Promise.

ThalgoFinally, did you know The Body Shop does a leg gel to compliment the old favourite, Peppermint Foot Cream? That was one of the first ever bodycare products I ever bought, after my ‘Body Mist 2’ deodorant. Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel (£7) is my purse-friendly choice if you need something cooling but still have a week until payday.

The Body Shop

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