Join the brownies


Unlike many people, I was quite pleased to hear that brown lipstick was making a comeback. I loved it back in the Nineties. My favourite was one from Next as I recall. In my head I looked like Cindy Crawford – in reality, not so much.

But I do think they’re wearable if you find the right one for you. It’s all about finding the shade of brown (pinky, reddish, pure brown) that works and also the best texture. Anyway, if you’re tempted, but nervous, I’ve got five brown crackers for you here that require varying degrees of bravery. Go on, join the brownies…

First up is brand spanking new from No7. It’s Match Made Moisture Drench Lipstick (£9.95) in Caramel Silk, and it’s a great entry-level brown. Not too muddy coloured, with a slight pinkiness – and because it’s moisturising it has a lovely plumping comfortableness about it that stops it looking too much of a ‘statement’. And it has an SPF15 too. Nice work, Boots.


Next is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Beau Brun (£8.99). This is my new go-to brown for a night out. I wore it for a meal on Saturday and it was still on when I got home: result. It’s more of a reddy brown and goes on like a soft, silky stain. Gorgeous.


Clarins Rouge Eclat in Chestnut Brown (£19.50) is my luxe option and a classic true brown. It’s more than just a perfect alternative to a rich berry shade for autumn – this bad boy contains ‘Nutri-Youth Complex’ to protects lip against dehydration and boost collagen, as well as Vitamin E.


My niche brand buy is Natural Lipstick from Benecos in Toffee (£6.95). This is probably the darkest brown of the bunch but it looks modern rather than Rachel from Friends (which admittedly, is not always a bad thing). Benecos products are BDIH certified, with a focus on organic ingredients, and are designed and manufactured without animal testing.


Too scared to go completely brown? I have a solution for you. Drink Up Sugars from Origins (£16.50) is a lip balm with a hint of shimmery colour. Go for Caramel Crush and you’ve ticked the box of this trend without the risk of looking like you ate your Twix too over-enthusiastically. Job done.


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