It’s too cold to strip

At this time of year, rather than making me feel fresh as a daisy, showers can make my skin feel stripped and parched – if I’m not using the right products, that is.

With cold winds and central heating meaning skin feels less like a peach and more like a prune, it’s time to ditch the refreshing summer body washes for something a bit more nourishing. Especially if you’re about to bare your shoulders or pins at a Christmas party. Here are my top five skin softening shower products for this winter.

First up is Yes to Blueberries Ultra Hydrating Body Wash (£4.99). The range feels so premium but it’s really well priced and stocked at Boots – hoorah! This shower wonder contains shea butter and anti-oxidant packed blueberries, so it’s perfect for that reptilian-mammalian leg thing I get. It’s got a lavendery scent too which I love.

Yes To

Talking of shea butter, from Organii comes Shea Butter Shower Gel (£5.95). For under six quid you get gorgeous milk-bottle-esque packaging filled with a deliciously scented (it reminds me of marshmallows) shower gel, which foams up a treat. And shea butter has a high concentration of fatty acids, which makes it incredibly nourishing. Ideal for a pre-party pamper.


From M&S is Pure Indulgent Body Wash (£6), which contains the well-known skin soother oat kernel extract. This feels kind of Christmassy and is lovely pre-going out as it contains a blend of oils including neroli, ylang ylang and jasmine, which gives it a kind of posh, spa-ish feel.


If you’re feeling really parched, try a shower oil. I love No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Shower Oil (£12, in store at Boots). This is brand new and contains sweet almond and grapeseed oils to nourish skin, and vitamin E and argan oil help to lock in moisture.


Finally, we all love a bit of Liz. So I thought I’d throw in a set here, as it’s that present buying time of year. This is £31 from QVC and is such a pretty gift. You get a Liz Earle Botanical Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash – a moisturising body wash that contains oats, yarrow, rose, scented geranium and natural vitamin E – plus you get some Liz haircare products too, which are just as lush.


Liz Earle

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