Fringes aren’t for the likes of us

A few weeks ago, I went into my hairdresser’s, sat down in the chair and told her I wanted a fringe. Her reaction? Laughter. And I’ll tell you why. I am in The Curly Club. And it turns out, fringes are not for the likes of us.

So, having imagined myself walking out of the salon and being instantly mistaken for either Alexa Chung or Daisy Lowe, I instead left with a few long layers and a full head of, if I say so myself, rather fabulous highlights. But within hours I was considering the fringe a bullet well and truly dodged. It would have been awful: a row of tight curls requiring either constant straightening or justifiable mockery.

There is light at the end of the curly tunnel though. Which is not to say I don’t like being ‘au naturel’ a lot of the time – I just need to know that I can swoosh it like Ms Lowe when the mood takes me. So I had a blow dry tutorial from the lovely Becky at Eleven Hair last week, and learnt a few things I thought I’d share with you.

Eleven Hair Salon


Firstly, Becky advises that if you have curly hair like mine, a conditioning treatment before you blow dry will really improve your results. My current favourite is OCS Power Build Reconstructor, (£11.95), which smells light but packs a powerful conditioning punch on coloured ringlets like mine.

OCS hair mask

After my wash, Becky produced a bottle of the fabled Moroccanoil, which I have to admit I’d never used before. It was the ‘Light’ version (£12.85), as the full-on one can apparently discolour fair hair. It melted away the tangles as she combed it through. Lovely.


Next up comes a styling product. Personally, I’m partial to a bit of JOICO K-PAK Smoothing Balm (£12.95), which seems to really stop the hairdryer heat wrecking my tresses.

Jaico Kpak smooth balm

Becky sectioned my still fairly damp hair – “Don’t rough dry curly hair first, it just starts to frizz”, she told me – and then fired in with a big round brush. The result? Glossy waves, which just needed a cold blast from the dryer and a little spray like Redken Quick Dry (£10.25) to settle the static, and I was good to go.

Redken finishing spray

Thanks Becky – and IN YOUR FACE, Alexa.


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