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Do you worry about your hair? Thousands of women worry everyday about what their hair looks like. It could be that your hair has lost condition or even that you have noticed thinning or bald spots. The question is what to do to make your hair more beautiful? There are some things you can do regardless of if you just need to improve your hair colouring or solve the problem of alopecia.

Healthy meal and drink choices

It is crucial you take care of your health and eating poorly can have a huge impact on your entire body, including your hair. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps you get the antioxidants you need, like vitamin A and C, and the B vitamins. One of the B vitamins, biotin, is especially important for healthy hair growth.

Besides vitamins, it is important to get enough protein in your diet; you can do this by adding healthy lean meats and eggs to your meal plans. When it comes to adding protein, eggs are a smart idea because they contain B vitamins, lysine and selenium. Selenium also helps your hair grow well. You have probably heard that drinking lots of water is good for you, and this is still true. Water is a better choice than sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages.

Choice of hair style

How you style your hair can make a big difference in your appearance. There are lots of choices to be made here, whether you want to grow your hair out or have your hair cut short and neat. Your hair dresser can give you some great ideas on the types of haircut and styles you can get. What is most important is that you are careful how you treat your hair.

Traction alopecia happens when a woman wears her hair in a ponytail, bun or braid that is too tight; this causes hairs to break, which then causes damage, leading to a receding hairline and baldness in places.

Hair transplants for thinning hair and bald spots

It is not uncommon for women to have some degree of hair loss, especially after age 50 when changes in hormone levels take a toll on the body. Women also can develop hair loss problems due to PCOS, autoimmune disease or traction alopecia.

If you have noticed thinning hair or bald spots, then it is a good idea to consult with a hair loss specialist. You may find that having a FUE hair transplant is a good option for you and, in fact, a hair transplant Turkey is a good choice for many women who have alopecia.

Hair colouring

Women may start to notice grey hairs when they are in their 30s, and most in their 40s and 50s. It can make you feel old when you first see this, especially if you have dark hair where the grey is most noticeable. A popular choice is to dye the hair, but you need to be careful because hair colouring has harsh chemicals in, unless you use a natural henna-based dye.

If you do use hair dye that has artificial chemicals in then a better option and safer choice than colouring all your hair is to dye the roots of the hair; this is a good option if you find your scalp burning because of the chemicals in the dye.

Hair highlights and lowlights

Highlights are an option for many women, and if you only want a subtle change then you can choose to simply have frosting done instead. When it comes to highlights and lowlights, it is often best to use natural hair colours, but it really depends on the individual and for some, artificial colours can give you an interesting and unique look.

There are always options to improve your looks, from your choice of hair style to hair colouring and hair transplants. Just remember, no matter what treatment you choose you should always eat healthy, nutritious meals, and drink lots of water to keep your body and your hair in top condition.

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